Nerf Shock Charges

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Depends on point of view, I bet that if you used the shock charge just like I tatical grenade the first idea would be the way to go.

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The shock charge is more closely related to the bouncing betty than a tactical grenade.  I doubt that it would get much use at all if it just exploded on it's own after some time as suggested in option 1.  You have to consider that it's in the tactical section.  So why would you choose it knowing that it may or may not strike an enemy before it's depleted when you have the option of using a concussion or flash grenades both of which have a wider radius and work instantly for room checking?

Edit: Consider how often you see sensor grenades in use.  You don't for the same reason that the option one nerf would be a bad idea.

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They should make the Sensor Grenades last 2 times longer and they might see more usage.

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The first idea sounds good, but I can't seem to agree with the second one.


The strobbing light effects of the Shock Charges should be gone. It's quite annoying =S.

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First idea actually seems pretty solid.

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whah whah whah , that's all i hear from this forum. I understand if you want the lag or spawns fixed. But come on , every page is nerf this nerf that. This gun isn't fair , now shock charges. by the time they would be done we would all be running around with sling shots and someone would cry because the other guys rock had a sharp edge. I mean WTH do you guys want , you cry about smg's , you cry about sniper rifles. you cried so much about camping that they made 98% of the maps run and gun and now ur crying cause snipers are running around rapid firing. I mean what do you want. here is an idea , how about the next game they only make 1 gun , and everyone has to use it. Would that finally make you happy. probably not because someone will still find a reason to cry about something. Get over it and play the game. if you don't like it bring it to gamestop and get your $25-$30 for it and go play Halo. Thank you and goodbye

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I don't cry about camping, I don't cry about snipers. I simply don't care, just as I said on my initial post.

Reading is a good way to start son.

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I did read your post, and you said in your post , I'm not Q.Q about shock charges , and i don't care about them. Correct. then why are you in the forums complaining about them , wanting them nerfed. If you want something nerfed then you are whining about it. If you run engineer like you say you do or run tactical mask then the shock chrges have no effect on you. so how are they overpowered. If you run engineer and still run into one then you obviously don't know how to use that perk. They have flak jacket to stop you from being 1 hit killed with claymores. should we nerf them to because you run into them blindly?

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Shock charges are fine the way they are ! Don't like them use Tac mask and run right through them ! Most of the time it surprises the enemy and you get the kill !

   Or use engineer ! It's great for avoiding stuff and for finding campers . Simple really !

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I don't see why the shock charge doesnt stun the betty / claymore. That combo is quite lame.

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