Black Ops II Xbox 360

So im fed up of the team mates that do nothing and leach off your VSAT's, UAV's and stuff, so im looking for some players that nkow what they are doing and want to do well, would be nice if you ran support but not required. Thanks.

If interested add SCOx Alex

Nuketown 2025 may not be required

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well, i could play with you.... sometime today or tomorrow.... or for the year life of BO2, add me if you want to play sometime (not on now [also no mic {because i suck at talking english <english isnt my mother lenguage>} so yeah] )

GT: Guerrero52

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hey dude, fully agree. Can't even play this game alone becuase you get outcamped or team rushed. I got mic , play pretty often and normally stick to kc and hc kc. Add me  morfirerath. Also anyone else who plays like me add me up too

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