Need some feedback on montages

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Need some feedback on montages

Hey guys,

I recently started a youtube channel for posting some Call Of Duty videos.

But i just started so i need a little feedback so i can make better videos.

i'm just doing this for fun so i currently don't hava a capture card or anything yet, i'm just using theater mode.

It works and the video quality is pretty good, its 720p so ..

The only problem is rendering the videos and getting them to youtube, i keep getting 'error while rendering film to video' on my Xbox.

But i keep trying and eventually it works and i get my video uploaded to youtube.

Then i download all the clips from my youtube account and put them together, i use Adobe Premiere CS6 for the editing.

If you have some advice for me to do this in an easier or better way please let me know.

I'll link my first Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 video below.

If you have any advice or tips please leave a comment on the video, or if you like it please leave a comment and like the video. That would mean a lot to me.

If i do get some more subs and views i'll maybe buy a capture card because that seems a whole lot easier and more fun to make videos.

Thanks for watching the video and feel free to add me on xbox live, my gamertag: PEEBEE7


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