My thoughts on the game

Black Ops II Xbox 360

By far the worse call of duty in my opinion.  Maps are cramped and small. Made for SMG's and Shotguns.  Except for one or 2 maps.  Also takes no skill to play.  Any new or old player can run around and hip fire spray and get easy kills.

Lag comp is gay.  Unless u have 4 bars, you have a disadvantage.  Takes a lot of bullets to kill someone and then they come around and 2 shot you.  Snipers have no recoil.  Shotguns are 1 shot kills all the time.  

Might as well remove assault rifles.  And even though recoil on snipers is cool, most maps are horrible to snipe.  There is not many line of sights on the maps for Assault and Sniper guns. 

Spawns are crappy.  I died probably half or more of the times from getting spawned from behind.

Graphics aint great.

Ghost is last perk to be unlocked and have to be on the move in order to even work against UAV's.  I say this because UAV is unlocked at lvl 4 with create a class and counter uav is not unlocked until lvl 33.  Not only that but compared to a UAV, it takes 350 points to get a UAV and 600 to get a Counter UAV.

Most people in all lobby's i was in were complaining about one thing or another.

This game became too noob friendly and any idiot can play this now requiring no skill what so ever.

Personally think treyarch was trying a little too hard to come up with something better.

All in all, this is an SMG/shotgun game with a lot of hip fire killing in small maps.  Why not just put Always Show Enemy On Map [ON] if this is how simple it was supposed to be xD

Oh yeah and forgot to add...There's no enemy footsteps or weapon reloading etc.

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3arc have really messed up ghost.  I hope they fix it back with a patch soon.

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I dont agree sorry,my ping is 6 always in good games,4 bar connection no lag what so ever 2/3 shots there dead

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Personally i think the grphics are fine but ypu are right about it being an smg game now, i was in a lobby and everyone was using mg mostly the Vector. That gun is way to easy to get kills with what i want to know is what has happened to the servers?. When i got the game after midnight release i played for 3 hrs straight with no problems. But today holy cow man every lobby signals keep going up and down and lots of lag where i get shot by someone who is not on my screen. But when i watch the replay they are in front of me how is this possible?. Everything was working fine the first few hours of the game release i cetainly hope they fix this and maybe tone down the fire power of the vector.

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i too thought the game was horrible , but then me n my brother started to play and test different guns out perks setups and its amazing .

ghost will never be fixed its perfect the way it is now , spawns notr a problem .

shotguns are not a OHK everytime they are the hardest gun in the game to use

i think they did an amazing job with the maps and game overall , so why do i see somany people moaning ?????

you try making a game see how hard it is to please over a million people all at the same time.

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This game has nothing to do with black ops 1. should be a modern warfare series. I'll try it out again some other day.

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