My thoughts about "lag"...

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darkwitness wrote:

peple said there was nothing wrong with mw3 and the people complaining were just using excuses up until the point that IW actually patched the game and got it running better. 

really? i dont think i ever met anyone who said mw3 was fine, or that it didnt have problems, heck i def didnt , i hounded the devs for months about stuff i saw was wrong//. the two main issues connection/lag comp  i was also totally correct about too and both were later fixed/adjusted.

please dont think i just come on here to berate people i don't. But end of the day i do know what im talking about even if people dont like what i say or agree

Pages and pages in this post with you saying nothing is wrong.

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Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

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you are experiencing the same thing as myself and my clan are. we are all in the US.

it seems we all lost skills, accuracy, etc by simply downloaing the dlc.   

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this thread done now im bored

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gotta say lag exsists and isn't an excuse, the level of ignorance on this issue is staggering.  the amout of videos and comentators on here and on you tube prooves it a dozen times over. 

this issue has to be raised everyday until 3arc stop dishing out BS and man up and fix there stupid net code.

my experience roles from one extreme to another, some days its great, others it totally bombs and is unplayable. sometimes its match by match but basically it blows and they need to simply sort it out.

just look at all the issues with the DLC, if they can stuff that up you honestly want me to believe they made the games netcode well either.

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Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

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I would really like to see a video where a person is host and he gets lag, really bad lag. I know some people have problems while being Host but i personally never experienced lag while being Host. It should be real time footage, not the fake theater mode.

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Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

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i have also:

played online games since the early days of the stone age

have great internet connection and a properly setup configuration

have an adaptive mind that also adapts to lag

am a relativly good player

but this game leaves we wondering if i want to continue down this path with this franchise if this is the end product. because it is not what i have been acustomed to playing in regards to LAG. it seems different, forced, intentional.

being a predominatly HC player, DEMANDS that i be the FIRST person to shoot AND be ON TARGET. which, infact i am MOST of the time. it troubles me that even though i posses these skills that i am shot down even though i "won" the shootout.

this is the only game from the COD franchise where i have experienced this phenomenon when playing in a lobby that is of the best connection wise that i can see(all players 4 bar, no skips or percived lag).

with this hightened awareness that i must anticipate EVEN MORE than usuall(basicly see the future), i can return to old titles like BLOPS1 or MW3 and be an absolute beast because peoples awareness in those games is tuned to a less lagged out system where they do not have to anticipate all this delay. that to me tells me that there is a fundemental change in this game. one that does not make it as enjoyable as titles in the past.

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Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

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Glad you took time out to voice your opinion however I disagree. Good day sir.

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This game just stinks and is plagued with problems. Any person who supports it needs to explain the huge decline in the community of this game. Numbers are down compared to previous titles. If it was such a small population, the game wouldn't be declining hundreds of thousands of players. So go, defend this game. It's broken and people are leaving.

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First off I'm not defending anything, just calling it how it I see.  Steve you are correct in that the sales numbers are down by about 11% compared to MW3.  However that is easily explained...  Halo 4 came out at pretty much the same thing and did divide the marketplace a bit.  Halo 3 came out in what...  2008 or 07 (can't remember).  That of course is going to have an effect on sales.  Still Black Ops 2 was the number one played game on xbox live in 2012 followed by MW3 and followed by Halo 4 (source:

So I don't see the decline of hundreds of thousands of players that you are talking about.  Average number of players online a given time is right with the average number of previous titles.  Again going by the evidence and the fact that it is still the number 1 played game on xbox live, I think you are trying to state your opinion as fact...


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Re: My thoughts about "lag"...

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Can I ask what your connection setup is? I have Comcast as well, pretty sure i'm on the 100mps tier.


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