My problems over the double exp weekend ...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Leaderboard scores were not adding up

No double exp from time to time

Could not load the leaderboards

Could not make an emblem

Couldn't join my friends lobbies

Has to constant dashboard from "joining session in progress" was stuck on my screen for minutes on end

Backing out of lobbies to regroup and getting automatically thrown into random games

Getting thrown into random games with random players when our party was originally all together in the lobby

I think that covers everything. Successful double exp weekend in my book *cough cough*

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if its not broken then its not a call of duty game.

the blury screen glitch and search for match freeze are annoying as hell.

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yeah our parties were choppy as hell over the weekend, their net code for parties etc is buggy as hell.  we regularly struggle to pin our parties together, people not able to join etc its a bit of a bad joke when its basic functionality in every game ever!

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