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Black Ops II Xbox 360

Stop lying, you know that's not true. BO2 is the easiest when it comes to quickscoping because I said so! Trust me, bro. I'm not lying. On my first day on BO2, I picked up a DSR  on the floor and got a nuke medal. That's how easy it is and it doesn't take any skill whatsoever. I was doing 720 no scopes off the turbine in Turbine and my team mates instantly became my fans. I even got my first Swarm simply by running around and hipfiring that damn thing. Bro, I know my stories are so cool but you got to believe them! Those games I had are irrefutable proof that they're overpowered. Those sniper rifles really need to get removed or those unfortunate players who are not as gifted in COD as I am, stands no chance.

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Sometimes when I play MW3 I am the only player not using a sniper. Just one of many reasons MW3 is the worst COD I have played. Black Ops 2 its not uncommon for at least half the lobby to snipers but they are easier to deal with then MW3.
Black Ops 1 snipers wont much of an issue.

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At least it wont be in ghosts to worry about, be said by a dev that it has been removed from ghosts.

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Hmmm There seems to be a lot of BS going on here, most people seem to think they are crazy good with snipers and they are easy to use, yet the vast majority of snipers I see struggle to keep a 40% accuracy and an above .7 K/D, the majority of the time they run around with their pistol or secondary smg untill they see the chance for an easy quickscope. I miss the pre Youtube days where people used to play for fun and snipers used to snipe because they loved doing it, not because they think it will get them Youtube fame.

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I finally finished diamond snipers and I'm ecstatic to be done with them!  Let's be honest; one cannot just bound out of the blocks and does take skill to get the technique down...I couldn't do it in my few attempts.  We dislike it because it provides an unnatural advantage in a 1 v 1 situation.  But those who are using it and doing well are skilled, in my opinion.

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XD yep sniping is one of the best things ever. i now rarly use anything else but a sniper. it's so much fun when you get used to it. i've now got a clan based on it and we all have a laugh playing search and destroy using them. I'll definitly back you up Skip

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i played like 20 matches withoud aim assist

its horrible i can stil hit shots across the map(using an AR) the main problem is im putting myself in a bigger disadvantage then before with this game.

wish COD was like no aim assist what so ever.

not for snipers AR shotguns even running around and getting that ''sticky'' aim.

no aim assist.

we should go back where you actualy had to learn the gun and how its recoil patern is instead of everyone can pick up any gun but stick to the default guns all the time.

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Quickscoping is like w*nking is to sex; you get there but you really do miss the point....

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I wouldn't consider myself  a "sniper covert" but I have been messing around with snipers classes more than I usually do in any COD title. I'm more of an AR/SMG/Shotgun player.

I actually did have some fun using a sniper but I feel those snipers who consider themselves "1337" at quickscoping can be full of themselves. I'm the average sniper yet I could manage to pull of quickscopes despite my lack of experience at using them.

Sure, my K/D had somewhat dropped yet I don't find it that difficult to quickscope.

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It isn't about how fun it is, it is about the game being balanced for all players and quickscoping ruins that balance. The fact is that it is too accurate for taking a chance and not aiming. It is also a one shot kill at any range and out classes weapons in their dominate ranges where a sniper rifle should never win. A sniper should only be used as a tool of destruction in long range scenarios. For CQC if you are a sniper you have a choice to pack a sidearm and if you choose not to then you shouldn't be rewarded for gimping yourself. You are taking a risk not going into the game with a back up weapon. (Pistol, OK SMG/Shotty/AR)

Quickscoping in Call of duty is an exploit of aim assist and its OHK ability at all ranges from either the waist above or chest above.

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