My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

wow how stupid are you? getting a 5 gunstreak with a sniper is easy. stop trying to prove you're someone when you're not. quickscopers have such a massive ego and it feels good hurting it.

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Did you not read the post? I'm not a "QuickScoper" as stated in my OP "I'm still an AR guy at heart". And I'm not trying to prove I'm some CoD God, but you telling me it's all luck is just hating. I by no means snipe all the time, I'm simply stating that I find them fun to use to change stuff up once in a while. I use AR's, SMG's, Shotguns, LMG's, Pistols, the Assault Shield, and yes now snipers too. Sorry if that gets your panties all in a bunch but that's how I do. It's like I said before, haters gonna hate, so hate on hater ...hate on.

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A sniper is much harder to get a Nuclear Medal than any full auto weapons.  It takes much more skill because of perfect timing/accuracy to quickscope.  I don't hate on quickscopers or snipers in general but just don't like the useless teammates that use them.  If you are effective with it, then you shouldn't be using it.  Only a few players that snipe are effective and play for the win.

In the end the only truly good players are the ones that play for the win.

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Sorry you'll need to speak up.

I can't hear you past your ever inflating ego...

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Think what you will, I'm not claiming to be the best or some CoD god but to say it's all luck and no skill is just hating. My skills may not be MLG but they're far from just dumb luck.

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nothing in public matches takes skill

stop pretending you have some grounds for elitism when you're awful lol

also, you take advantage of aim assist WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO

i guarantee you would not hit any shots with any weapon if you turned it off

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They actually aren't giving them what they want.  it's the engine they are taking advantage of.  People saying it's being removed from Ghosts is in for a surprise, because the engine has hardly changed that much besides a few more animations in movement and depth perception.

I recently started doing it (Found out sensitivity in this game goes up to 15, and I set mine up to 12 and started noticing I was QSing) and mix it with my sniper style to where it just seems like i'm doing a sniper equivalent of Panic Knifing (So, CQC mostly.)

Anyways, you can look at the drift0r videos, and he'll give you the explanation of the games engine if you don't want to take my word for it.   Hope that may help clear up some things.

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I do it once in a while... I'm pretty decent. I do hardscope most of the time watching the flags on dom when I actually do it. Garbage youtube scopers are the worst

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Yeah the whole "L337 trick shotting" snipers are pretty lame but I actually kinda like them. Why you ask? Becuase I play FFA, if some yahoo wants to go 5 - 20 while spinning around like a fairy be my guest. Easy head shots for me!

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Been messing around with my classes and made one for core today. Man I got QS like crazy, it's like they were playing HC with their one shot kills and I was stuck with a toy lmg (HAMR). I thought the HAMR would do good in core but I was no match for that entire team of snipers. I got my @$$ handed to me 15-25. Every time I got one in my sights and unloaded a few rounds boom, I'm dead. Props for the guys who know how to handle a sniper rifle, I can see why QS is so popular in core: all the fire power of HC, all the bullet absorption of core. Back to the lab, I'm not gonna get owned like that again....

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