My first impression of COD: Black Ops II, Long hope you got time

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Alright fellas before I go in to all of this, just know that these are purely my opinion and my experience with the game.

     Alright I have been so excited about getting this game since i heard it was going to have zombies back into a game. So my friend and I agreed to wait on each other before playing zombies so i decided to play multiplayer. Now i am a huge multiplayer fan I mean been ranked top 200 for hardcore domination but since getting a fulltime construction job and living out of hotels my multiplayer experience has gone down hill due to internet difficultly from hotel connections.

     Any way I want to talk about my first impression, the first thing I wanted to do was get to the multiplayer part only to realize that the ****ing servers are down and i tried numerous amounts of time till i finally got in. So I finally got into a game and noticed the graphics weren't horrible but its honestly what i expected from a Treyarch game. Black ops 1 graphics were significantly worse in my opinion i don't know what they were thinking. MW2 graphics out shined BO graphics on all levels. Anyway as I played my match i noticed a slight lag and fortunately I dont believe it was my connection for once only because i can play halo 4 and MW3 with no issues. ( I guess i should mention i was playing HCTDM) Also i noticed how odd and wierd the guns and explosions sounded. Now everyone else may not care whether or not weapons sound realistic or not, but i think with the technology provided today that the upmost sound quality should be implemented into the games i know it doesnt actually gameplay but performance, design, and attention to detail go a long way with me as far as quality of gameplay. Ok, so i've covered graphics, sounds, and oh of course gameplay i have not. So the actual gameplay to me like i said earlier seemed laggy even with full green signal which at the moment I am trying the find the positive and just think ok well its the first day there are going to be bugs. Anyway

     So overall I am not overly impressed with the multiplayer aspect of the game and i only played 2 games online. But listen before everyone thinks so negative of me or my opinions just think about what i'm actually dissing here. Its not how bad i suck at the game or this gun is over powered this is just what i picked up on my first couple games. I understand that learning the maps, weaponry, and little tricks of the trade will help me with multiplayer. But its the design of this game, think back to when MW3 came out the multiplayer experience was amazing from the beginning or in my opinion it was all games have small faults.

Ok so now on to zombies which some of you may or maynot care about which is fine. Anyway we all finally get in a team of 4 and we gear up for the new Tranzit style of zombie gameplay which just completely threw us for a loop. Just so if you haven't played zombies yet just get prepared for it. (Hint: look for parts everywhere you got especially in the first starting place you can build a turbine which generates an electric field that you can open doors with. Its very interesting which is what i love there is nothing more fun than getting a group of buds together and just trying to figure ***t out. But gameplay was fine just the usual zombie killing but i'm still caught off guard by the way my weapons sound and feel ( it could very well be my settings in the game and on my x41s will be testing the theory later i just thought of this). Something that really pissed me off was the use of the old weapons off black ops the first 3 guns from the box was guns from old game which is ok i guess but when your looking for something new and you get old weapons is just kinda a bummer lol.

No big deal though I just like killing zombies my only huge problems with zombies was a few times I would grab a max ammo and not everyone wouldn't recieve it but now that i think about it we were playing grief mode on the farm and i was CIA and they were CDC and me CIA recieved it but not CDC so that very well could be the cause. Let me tell the new zombies will throw curveballs over and over i was overall impressed with this new transit idea. Just to give you a few hints. The bus will leave you, but will come back so you kinda have to plan your strategy off the bus movements which makes things hard and also absolutely do not follow bus into smog bc something will get you and down you, found that out the hard way.

I hope i didn't offend anyone these are all my opinions and many aspects of the game can be improved through the COD community just being honest and asking for things and hopefully treyarch will fix them.

Happy gaming folks see ya on the battle field!!

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