Multiple account Peacekeeper issues

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Below is the chat I had with a customer rep about not being able to use the Peacekeeper when the DLC is bought under another gamertag:

You: I bought the DLC for COD BOPS II under my dad's gamertag and now I don't have access to the Peacekeeper.

Francis Emil D: My apologies for the current situation. Let me help you out.

Francis Emil D: Did you also purchase the season pass on your account?

You: No

Francis Emil D: Okay. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has brought you. The Peace keeper is an exclusive Load out for the season pass holders. Unlike the maps, it cannot be shared with another gamer tag.

You: We bought this online and there was nothing stating that we could not use the Peacekeeper on another gamer tag. I had to use my dad's gamertag because he has the payment options.

Francis Emil D: I understand. I'm very sorry that it did not clarify the information for you.

You: I don't have a credit/debit card to use on my account so I have to purchase everything through my dad's account.You: So how do we get this corrected? My dad doesn't even play the game, I'm the only one who plays.

Francis Emil D: I would recommend contacting Xbox for this issue with the season pass. Ask them to transfer the DLC that you purchased on your dad's account and transfer it over to your account.

You: But, do we have to purchase a season pass in order to do this?

Francis Emil D: Yes.

You: So I spent $20 for nothing?You: How do I get my money back?

Francis Emil D: I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, contacting Xbox would be suggested to get a refund.

You: If I don't have this gun will it hinder me from getting Diamond Camo?

Francis Emil D: Unfortunately, we do not have that information yet.

You: When will you have that information?

Francis Emil D: I just got the use and it will not affect the camos for smgs.

You: Ok thats good, thanks

You: So I guess my next step would be to contact xbox for either a refund or see if they can transfer the DLC?

Francis Emil D: Yes.

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