Microsoft and Activition?

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Hey hey gamers.

I have been seeing some things flying around the internet recently about the deal with microsoft and activition?

Is this all true or just "chinese whispers"?

If it is true what do all of you think about it? will Microsoft make COD EXCLUSIVE to xbox only?

Your thoughts?

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thetizzleguy wrote:

Your thoughts?

dont believe everything you read on the internet.

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Hmm yea i dont but this all seems legit

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I guess it's possible, but it seems like they may miss the revenue from PS3 and Nintendo so it would have to be a pretty sweet deal.

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Think about the fan base on cod that play PS3 and Wii? if MS made COD an xbox eclusive, ppl would buy an xbox lol i know i would

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Microsoft must pay a lot of money to get the exclusive rights for Call of Duty, the PS3 vesion of CoD sells almost as well as the Xbox version, both above 10 million copies.

I personally doubt it, it would hurt Activision more than helping.

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Old news - search threads for term Vivendi you will get the back ground to this article courtesy of gallp

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microsoft and activison do have a contract thats why xbox gets all DLC first as in making COD exclusive for xbox only activison would be stupid to do that as they would lose alot of money

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