Maybe More Personalization Options

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I love customizing stuff.

Maybe add these:

Colored Clan Tag - Prestige _

Colored Clan Tag On Gun - Certain amount of kills with a clan tag on your gun or prestige a gun for a 3rd time.

More Camos - People seemed to really love my Lego Camo idea.

This might be the one I want the most:

Camos for equipment - Combat Axes, Grenades, Betties, Claymores, Shoch Charges, etc.

Each gold results in Diamond. You can get mastery for emblem and clan tag.

I've always wanted to kill someone with a gold tomahawk.

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Every one of those added featuresd would add to the code the game has to load in each match, there is a limit to what can be loaded at one time in the game becuase of available ram on the console.

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I loved the facepaint from blops 1, actually missed it.

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