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Yeah and the no life here always get called a hacker even with my 14 days... so I know there are a crap load of hackers that done it but there are the legit here and there people... I guess people just like to talk shit and hence why I mute it my headset this past few days and even put a piece of tape over the volume slide to resist the temptation. And yeah they were talking shit for killing me... but who wouldn’t with their smg's while i am sporting a FAL/SMR no attachments no perks yo... But anyhow that was a pain those two to get gold but I finally did yesterday and in turn getting diamond on my AR. Just a heads up but if doing those two I would stick to Hardcore modes or you going to have a bad time.

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I have seen a few with diamond assault classes. For me I ha have skipped them. So far I have got diamond on the Shottys, Specials and SMG's currently working on the LMGS and rockets.

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prestige master would mean that you are at the end of your prestige!  Why are you thinking too hard on this, seriously?  What would you be getting mixed answers for other than people messing with you.

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There will be more added surely.

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I hope not. I was so upset when they added 11-20 on MW3. I wanted to be max prestige but I already had most of the guns gold.

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And if they do and it resets those with prestige master to back without it, there will be pandemonium on the forums about it.

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