Matchmaking for solo players

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Matchmaking for solo players

i find playing this game as a solo player extremely aggrovating 90% of the games i join i have no chance of winning (lets say domination the score will generally be 140-60), the enemies have constant scorestreaks up, i have appalling teamates. i have no problems with good players as i can still compete against them as i do have a generally high K/D ratio,spm its just the fact that my w/l ration is absolute dogcrap because of the shear amount of late games i join. All i would ask of treyarch is to find games that are not currently in game before games that currently are this would stop the day by day stress i experince playing multiplayer.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

I personally think they need to just redo their whole matchmaking.  Make it similar to Halo 3's.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

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Halo 3 did so many things right...

Anyway, when I play solo, and I do a lot, I avoid Objective gamemodes like I avoid modern pop music. Try playing TDM or FFA, as the ability of carrying your team is much higher.

Randoms in Dom suck anyway, what what I've noticed.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

They should just add an internal filter where a game becomes unjoinable if it's over half  the way done. It would obviously add the problem of making certain matches boring when most people leave. But I think what people hate even more than that, is joining into a losing a game with no chance of winning.

It doesn't actually have to be half way done, they could make it 3/4 the way done or something like that.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

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Unfortunately, in those lopsided matches, the games would end up in forfeit most of the time because of all the people bailing out of the match.

It is awesome when you can join a match down in points and make a comeback, but sometimes it is just not possible and just an exercise in frustration as you get spawn killed by streaks.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

We solo players are just to fill to empty slots in the lobbies vs full parties. It is annoying but nothing we can do about it, its the skill based matchmaking.

All we get is this lame excuse of Mercenary Playlist with modes no one wants to play, i wish we had a proper Mercenary Playlist something like TDM / KC Mercenary Only or Domination Only.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

Soo many posts about this, and nothing will EVER be done to fix it... I don't want to play mercenary simply because I only want to play a certain type of game at a certain time...  If they had separate mercenary playlists for TDM, domination, and hardpoint I would be so happy...  But it is absolutely crazy how you can have a party of 6 and go on a 29 win streak and then one person has to go so he gets replaced, and that one person that replaces him goes so negative and contributes absolutely nothing to your team and you end up losing....

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

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This is the first Call of Duty that is forcing me to join a clan or party, i hate it. I was in a clan back in the CoD4/MW2 days and i have enough of this competitive stuff. I am not a bad player but even the best player in the world has no chance of winning vs a full party of decent player who communicate with each other, most people don't even know how effective a good communication is.

Some may disagree with me (which i have no problem with) but i can't play this game solo in the peak times, i get matched vs nothing but full parties of 2.5 K/D players all the time, its horrible and not fun, only weapon i see is the PDW and few FAL select fire, thats it. I don't mind competitive gaming as long both sides are equal strong but thats not possible in a public match with randoms on your team vs a full clan of 6 players. Horrible Matchmaking.

Best time to play is in the morning, less clans and its more fun overall, you can run with different weapons, relaxing, having a good time but as soon the clans come online its becoming a pain in the ass.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

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I actually had a good game against a party of 4 players of pure 5 digit rank(think one was 6) in bonus on Nuketown yesterday..AT FIRST. It was only me and two randoms on the other team (don't ask me why it didnt fill the slots or why it started unbalanced).  Game was headquarters.

I actually did really well...and we capped 2 headquarters right off the bat...i was getting 1.5 kills per death on average. Then one of the players on my team who was still broke even...left. I maintined doing well...until...

And this is where clan cheapness came in. They switched to Remington, snipers, flak jacket, tac mask, and one player who went Fal(later m27)ran to the side opposite of spawning headquarters. At this point trying to keep the victory of our team alive, and kill consistently became virtually impossible even on a map of nuketown size, and I started dying more trying to retain the win. I kept playing even till they got ahead of us in points, waiting to see if they'd stop the cheap tactics. They only got worse(all saving their killstreaks against 2 players, and timing their UAV uses). At that point since they wanted to play about as unsportsmanlike as you can get(and since I was hoping there was a chance I had host(I do not know if I did or not)), I waited until 30 seconds until end and then dashboarded. I'd like to think I was host, it error'd, and that was me flipping the bird.

With only two players, it would've been impossible to both cap/protect a headquarters and kill the dude across the map(who would kill us if we did anything but come after him). They were a group with 4 players, and they wouldn't even have the decency of at least not using completely cheap tactics against 2 players.

So I don't think its that a player can't do well against a full group. Merely, a lone wolf player cannot compensate for the cheap tactics organized groups can use. If your team is good enough to at least moderately attempt the objective, then you can kill the enemy team or vice versa. Just not both against uneven setups.

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Re: Matchmaking for solo players

Play with friends. It is a team based game after all, and a few minutes of browsing can get you in a suitable 'clan'.

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