Matchmaking and Probation Rules

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I understand the reasoning behind the probation issue and dont disagree with it, but at the same time I beleive the implementation is far to overreaching. If there is going to be probation then users should have an adequate amount of time before joining a match to decide if they want to participate. I have tried to leave a match before it began and been warned of a loss. I have also tried to leave matches where I was dropped in mid-game and hadnt selected a class ( ie spectating). This too gives a loss warning.

   In my experience The matching making has been far from balanced, I am consistently matched with people that have 300+ more spm than I do. and I am typically at the bottom of the leaderboard. This is not acceptable. I think that the partitions for skill based matchmaking are the problem, there need to be more, or the need to be more logrithmic. I am particularly bummed about the mid-match drops as they are always a horribly lop-sided game. I suggest that trey-arch give us the option of backing out, or even better allow us a menu item they lets us skip mid game drop in and wait for a fresh game to start. I personally dont mind wating a little longer for a match if Im going to have a more fufilling experience. Does anyone else have an opinion or problem with this issue?

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