Mark one Eyeball = Wallhack lol

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Mark one Eyeball = Wallhack lol

Just come out of a game, on overflow.

Apparently I am a cheating little **** because I couldnt know where some guy was in a corner lol.

Well it helps if you look out of the window and watch him go into the shadows lol.

You have to love the online community when using your flaming eyes makes you a cheat lol.

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Re: Mark one Eyeball = Wallhack lol

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yep been there. get accused of cheating all the time XD back in MW3 i was playing Face off 2 v 2 by myself and wrecking these guys. Was using My MK14, now I can forgive them for thinking its modded. I really can, sometimes I have a hard time believing it isnt. So i can understand why they would. they accused me of modded at which point I told them to pick up my gun and try it themselves... to which they replied that they already had and couldnt do it XD best laugh i had all MW3.

next game, same guys (campity lil dudes) im not rushing in after them as my partner is worthless. So i wont act recklessly until I can figure out where they are. so i sat there on the hill chewing on the info I have gathered on these enemies and eventually came to the conclusion that the most likely spot that they enemy would be in was in the shed in a specific corner (various reasonings lead me to this) so, I just started blasting away at the wall. boyaa rewarded with a kill and a WALL HACKER! comment (actually just remembered... i made a short youtube video "how to sense your enemy")

im fond of telling people who accuse me of such things "YES! it is a mod! its the new bionic finger! i ordered it from japan last night (over night delivery) and was in the hospital early this morning as they attached it to my hand.... still hurts a bit... but this thing is awesome!" (every time i tell it, the location from where it came changes)

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