Makes no sense (connection/lagcompensation), but Halo 4 winning Multiplayer of the year makes perfect sense.....

Black Ops II Xbox 360

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Well, since thats all you got out of the entire string of this thread...and you wanted to just come in a pick something apart...thats fine...My intent was to get others to see that I had a good understanding of not only the Telecomm side of the house but also the Internet connectivity you ignored the Staic IP..the high quality of the CAT-6 cable....the port forwarding....even the 3074 TCP and UDP(for BO2)...and you went to the part about Internet for the record IT by its dedinition is "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" .....

Thanks for being the type to show whats wrong with a post, instead of adding some constructive comments or input.....

Just out of curiosity do you have a gigabit router ?

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Campaign was great, Zombie mode let me have my cake and eat it.

Multiplayer is an utter shambles. So much of it is broken I'm losing hope in it ever being right.

Is it me or does every franchise seem to end up like this, Gears, CoD (MW4), Halo, etc.. the originals were stunning and often groundbreaking but with every additional release they add more and more and more until what you end up is a title so flooded with extra's and too many options/customizations that developers seem to lose sight of what actually matters; gameplay.

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This is SO true!

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Agree here. Love zombies. Saved this game for me. The campaign was surprisingly well done too. Not a fan of all the different endings and CYOA style achievements requiring multiple playthroughs, but whatevs

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If that's true about Halo net code algorithm registering hits from both sides of a gunfight then they deserve an award - I've always wondered why this couldn't be done in COD MP.

I worry that it's not a case of Activision/Treyarch not wanting to improve or fix the terrible lag comp situation if what has actually happened is that they designed it this way ON PURPOSE.

They may feel it makes the game appeal to the masses more and even the 10 year olds who used to go 1-13 in a game of COD4 can now have a god mode game where they dominate every gunfight with their 1 second lag advantage and even their crappy aim is assisted by the game. They then tell their mates how great the game is and everyone's a winner! Everyone except the intelligent players who can actually tell that something's not right and they're getting screwed over.

But the stats probably tell Activision that lag comp actually makes them more money.

I really hope this isn't true and Treyarch are simply incompetent when it comes to netcode!

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Have you never had a double melee in Halo?  That is were you and the other person both die from the hits.

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iCOMPACT wrote:

I really hope this isn't true and Treyarch are simply incompetent when it comes to netcode!

As frustrated as we all are, blops2 and all previous cods are excellent games and created by exceptional talent.  I've programmed games for the 360 and I can hardly imagine what a game of this scale takes to put together.

That said, I do hope they reconsider their netcode in the future.

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I hope improvements come to the lag.  But it's hard to be hopeful when you spent over a year on MW3 hoping it would improve.  But at least with Infinity Ward they were more vocal on the forums with updates and changes to the netcode.  I have yet to hear one acknowledgement from Treyarch about it.  Although I think on MW3 it was a good six months of them saying it's all in your head so who knows.  That may be Activision policy to say all it's customers are crazy.

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Agreed. Also, it is not easy to deal with other Remignton user when they are obviouslky ahead of you by 1 sec.

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Well this is the black ops forums. So we dont want to get to into a other title discussion here. At this moment i have 3 games that i go back and forth on. MW3, Black ops 2 and Halo 4. Yes i play both franchises regularly. Halo 4 is hands down the best halo game to date and if it won game of the year than it deserved it.

Comparing the 2 franchises are like comparing apples to oranges. But halo deffinatley has the MP code down. You will not see bad hitmarkers or things that make you say WTF. There is no visible lag compensation as well. There is lag but that is present in any P2P mp game, but it all depends on your connection for the most part.

Black ops 2 is currently my least favorite. There are just to many issues to list that make the game bad. I find myself playing MW3 more and more each day because of it. It is a shame because Black ops 2 could have been a GREAT game if they got things right in MP.

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