Makes no sense (connection/lagcompensation), but Halo 4 winning Multiplayer of the year makes perfect sense.....

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Halo is the flagship franchise for the Xbox. They put more time, effort and thought in to the user experience than any of the call of duty developers ever have.

I've spent way more time playing CoD, but there is really no question which franchise is better overall.

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I totally agree with slayerextreme... 1000 problems and they think about the recoil of the FAL... So annoying...

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I for one heard that Halo 4 is supposed to be one of the most incredible games in years, campaign and multiplayer. I like both halo and CoD games, and I am getting Halo 4 this holiday season and I only see myself going back to play BLOPS2 when my friends are playing it.

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I do prefer CoD multiplayer, but one thing Halo 4 got right is their netcode algorithm.  I hope we see this implemented in a future CoD title.  What they did is make every bullet count.  Both the host and the clients decide if a bullet hits, unlike CoD and previous Halo's where the host console decided hits/kills. So, in Halo 4,  If you have your crosshairs over an enemy and shoot, that bullet will count no matter what.  The downside is that there are instances when both players die,  but I'll take that any day with all the lost hit markers I'm getting with BLOPS2.

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I hope the people that read this understand, I'm just trying to bring issues to light so that somebody that actually can make a change will see it and do something about it.....

at this point I dont actually think Treyarch or Activision will publicly announce changes to the multiplayer lag compensation calculations....I think the will be hidden in small patches and updates....look at what they are already doing,,,,,,more people are arguing about the probations/suspensions than they are about the terrible match-making and Lag (they have nerfed my good connection)......

a probation/suspension IS A PENALTY......a Penalty should be given for doing something WRONG....not a failed host migration, not because somebody quit and Treyarchs game mechanics failed to recover and everyone is booted to the lobby....

Again, its smoke and mirrors...and in my experience, when smoke and mirrors are used, its because there is some form of dishonesty at stake.....greater gains can be made by using honesty and integrity, but those are fast becomeing lost art forms.....deception is much easier, and if they get caught, they just block you from any contact like David Vandahaar and others from Treyarch have done with me......I am willing to ask smart and specific questions that pertain to the online community....but you have to have someone with some integrity to stand up and not only take the resposibilities for the issue, but also the responsibilities that comes with being a leader...and up to this point Treyarch and Activision have been lacking

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For one it was BL2 that won best mp of the year, not Halo 4. I watched the VGA on my xbox when it was happening.

For another this game does not use your total bandwidth and never has. So it does not matter if you have 4-6-12-30-50-100-10000 down. That speed only affects downloading large files and streaming music or video. So trying to use your speed as justification as to why your game should be better is not really that smart, Especially for someone that claims to work in IT.

So stop thiniking your bandwidth or how much you pay for your internet entitles you to a better game than someone who pays less for a lower package. For it does not in this game and never will.

Plus no game regardless of developer or its resources will win all awards every year ever. So to try and use that as any sort of implication toward the quality of the game is again foolish.

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If peoples bandwidth doesnt matter, what exaclty causes the lag issues we are all experiencing?

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Am I the only one that noticed that his definition of IT is wrong?

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xmrythem wrote:

Am I the only one that noticed that his definition of IT is wrong?

lol awesome....I skipped over it...because I'm setting up a new production environment at work...

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Well, since thats all you got out of the entire string of this thread...and you wanted to just come in a pick something apart...thats fine...My intent was to get others to see that I had a good understanding of not only the Telecomm side of the house but also the Internet connectivity you ignored the Staic IP..the high quality of the CAT-6 cable....the port forwarding....even the 3074 TCP and UDP(for BO2)...and you went to the part about Internet for the record IT by its dedinition is "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY" .....

Thanks for being the type to show whats wrong with a post, instead of adding some constructive comments or input.....

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