MTAR: Made auto aim values consistent with all other assault rifles.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

the AN-94 fires faster if you spam the trigger since its a 2 shot burst weapon, but even if it fires faster it just becomes a hit marker machine.

the XM8A1 fires faster on full auto but the range factor becomes shit and its even more of a hit marker machine.

if you want really in depth explination look into this and this guys channel


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AN-94 is NOT a two round burst weapon. Press trigger quickly 1 time and it fires 1 bullet, pull trigger normally with a slower rate of fire weapon, it fores 2 bullets, hold it down, fires full auto. Just letting you no, lol. AND, the AN-94 is a beast lol. My fav weapon.

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Oh right treyarch, because half the threads on this forum are about inconsistent mtar aim assist values. 

Because posters here complain about how their mtar doesnt aim at people for them well enough, as opposed to tiny little inconsequential things like lag that dont affect peoples experience nearly as much.

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I never complained about the MTAR. I hadn't even noticed that it had aim assist problems. I'm sure that they are working on the connection problems but that's something on their end. It's not something they can fix with a patch don't you think?

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