Lodestar = chicken repellent (or PUNISH QUITTERS)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

If you want to know the chickens in your lobby, just get a lodestar scorestreak, guaranteed that everybody leaves the game!  Even if you are winning!

I played a domination match were we had a pretty good lead, 2 flags capped, cornered the enemy team.  Suddenly the enemy scores a lodestar and Poef all my teammates weasel out.  I am the only remaining player in our team.

While the lodestar circles above the enemy (re)captures all the flags and for some odd reason the game won't let any other player spawn on my side.

So here am i, all alone.  I can't recapture any flag because by now the enemy is camping every flag, so i am forced to harrass them with hit and run tactics all the while cursing at the cowards on my team.

But guess who had the last laugh?  Me, because we won with a 174 - 173 score :-).

Sadly such a scenario happens all to often, once a team pulls out a lodestar (or dogs) the other team soils itselfs and quits like little babies.

So please punish quitters severely - ban them from the next couple of games, demote them several ranks, put labels next to them, whatever as long as it makes this coward practice stop.

PS for those who quit due to lag, a grace period at the start of a match / round (ie 30 seconds) in which you can quit with impunity could prevent you from being punished.

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Cornered the enemy team?

In other words you spawn trapped them to get your killstreaks, then spawn killed them with said killstreak.

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Haven't played domination much?

We had C and B flag, does not take a genius to then know they will spawn near the A flag.  As long you don't get to close to that flag, you can easily predict from where they will com.

Call it spawn trapping, call it cornering the enemy, I call it playing the game.

And you read my mail wrong - the losing cornered team (not my team) got the lodestar, so kudos for them.

Unfortunetaly the quitters in this game are so bad, they will even quit a game which they can still win.

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I don't get it as well. I call in my Lodestar or some high scorestreak and the majority of the enemy team rage quit.

I don't understand on why they just can't take it out with a launcher or use the counters provided to not be killed by it.

I still remain in the match when enemy lodestars, swarms etc are called in yet I still use the counters provided.

This is why I don't bother with high scorestreaks anymore when those scorestreaks just end up with the enemy team quitting.

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Yea I like it when the enemy gets a loadstar so I can get to Gold Camo on my launcher

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I have actually quitted multiple games because of the lodestar.

This was more do to the fact I entered a game in progress were the team was losing big time and getting destroyed by the lodestar XD

can you blame me?

I do however get it. They should actually get rid of such big score streaks. the game isn't fun if you get killed over and over again by the same scorestreak without a way out to survive.

I don't quit games when a lodestar is up though because I have at least 3 classes with tactical insertion so that I can spawn safely.

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I don't want the high killstreaks gone, I want players to mature (I know its a foolish hope).

Imagine what would happen if soccer teams would quit 5 minutes into the match because the other team just scored a goal?  Supporters would tear down the stadium.

It sucks when your team quits, but it agree it sucks even more when you join in progress on the side of a team being hammered with the lodestar.  But I don't quit in that case.  it's not fair towards the winning team and its not fair towards the poor schmuck that will take your place when you quit.

In those case I just look for some quiet spot on the map and camp there, avoiding the enemy's attention untill the match ends.  The match is lost already, so I might as well accept the pain.  It's perhaps not fun for the enemy who now has now targets, but they already won the match so no harm is done.

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I don't see why it is not fair for the winning team that I quit a game I just got into?

It's not like I made a game changer? I spawned once and died instantly. This is a no go for me and I think most people would agree with me on that.

I don't think the high killstreaks should be taken out either.

What I really would like to see is a game mode like the bonus game mode with only 3 killstreaks (like the old days)

something like... I don't know maybe

UAV-Hellstorm-Stealth chopper.

Cod4 only had 3 killstreaks and BO1 had a playlist like this as well.

I would rather play this kind of game list but I can see why people love the high killstreaks.

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Again the analogy with real life team sports?

Would you find it funny to watch or play a soccer match and suddenly see that the opposing team walks away because your team is too strong?  That no other team wants to play against you because they hate that they have to take the place of the previous team?

Or would you like to play in a soccer team, where half of your team walks away after 15 minutes because the sun shines in their eyes?

Sportsmanship does not count only on the soccer field, it also counts on the virtual playing field, yet some people are too self centered to realize that  and are ruining the game for others with their behaviour.

Various games in the past used various solutions to address quitters and failed:

Gears of War replaced the empty spots with boths, needless to say that these got slaughered by human players

Halo Reach avoid Join in Progress, but severly punished quitting.  Result idle players standing in a corner while waiting for the match to end

In the end it all boils down to the simple fact that some players are so self centered and selfish that they quit because they can't play the game like they want.

With the risk of sounding heavy handed: i often wonder how people who quit in this game at the slighest difficulty handle themselves in (professional) real life?  Do they also quit when their boss hands them a though assignment?  Do they also cry about the competition outselling them?

The way we play games does tell something about the way we walk through life.

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Dude take it easy.

I'ts my choice to leave a game that cannot be won anymore and the team I join midway is being slaughtered.

I play this game to have fun, If i wanted someone to take a sh!t on my I'd ask for that.

BTW if you do want to compare to sports:

If it's competetive I see your standpoint.

I on the other hand play a GAME for fun.

If I do sports for fun and the opposing team decides to give up because they can't win I can understand that.

And on the whole the way we play games does tell something about the way we walk through life?

True story bro...

I have a wonderfull GF and I play in a band as drummer, in a diffrent band I am a singer and in the weekends I love hanging out with friends and drinking some beers. Other than that I go to a music school and have as much fun as I possibly can.

So yeah I play CoD every once in a while to have fun. And entering an in progress game that cannot be won and is spammed with high killstreaks is not a fun time for me so I quit.

I don't care about K/D I just want to win and have a good time. constant dying without moving 5 feet every respawn is not a good time.

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