Lodestar = chicken repellent (or PUNISH QUITTERS)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

*loads up BLOPS2*

woo, les go keeel som moufuggaz

*enters in progress game*

FEEEWW boom, FEEEW boom

da fuuug?

"be aware, enemy dogs in your vicinity"

"be aware enemy swarm in your vicinity"

got dammit...

"be aware, hostile vsat in orbit"

*leaves game*

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Succinctly put

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Painkiller for killstreaks please. There would be less quiting and all would be happier.

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I've also mentioned this.

Can't believe that I actually miss that darn deathstreak.

But indeed it would be great to have it but it should only work against scorestreaks and no longer than 5 seconds in my opinion.

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bkblazer wrote:

Painkiller for killstreaks please. There would be less quiting and all would be happier.

You mean "spawn protection"? I believe MW3 had a spawn protection system in place which worked well.

I would agree to that.

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Yes. I've never been spawn killed and tempted to rage quit as much in any other CoD before. There is something very odd about this game. I've never had probation before but can understand why it was implemented. I remember in MW3, right off the original spawn on Dome, I threw a semtex and it stuck to an opponent but he didn't die. Thats good stuff.

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How about high scorestreaks (the ones that can produce multikills) can only be used if your team is losing?

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If you call an EMP after an enemy calls in a swarm, do you get a ton of points?  I rarely get an EMP (from care packages, not good enough to usually get one via scorestreak) - but whenever I do get one it seems like the enemy isn't getting enough kills to earn a UAV, nevermind a swarm.  Darn the luck.

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You do realize that nothing ever done will stop rage quitters or those taht quit because of a high streak being called in. No ban will ever stop it, resets will never stop it, demotions will never stop it. All that will do is make some people either a) quit playing the game all together which makes the player base smaller, b) do it more often just to piss of people like you even more.

For as long as this game has lag problmes, host selections problems, hit detection problems above the normal limits. People will leave the game and no form of punishment will ever stop them ever.

Not even a label would matter, because not everyone looks at other players playercards in the lobby before the match starts. So would never see the label.

Plus they are not going to name and shame like that in their game, for it would be considered slander and could get them in trouble if they did it.

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