Likely Cause of Stat Reset

Black Ops II Xbox 360


From all the research I have done its becoming apparrent to me not everyone crying about this has been reset by a "glitch" lol.

in fact I am going to go so far as to award treyarch an "attaboy", not aimed at anyone who really is "genuine", however it doesnt take long  researching to figure out what is going down in a lot of cases lol.

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I am not sure what you mean by "what is really going down."  My case was definitely related to a bug that resets multiplayer stats when using local play.  As I said before, there should be no way that local play can influence multiplayer play and any glitch that people are exploiting to do that should be patched immediately.  Treyarch should not have released such a buggy product.  I think they released it with the bugs so that they don't have to pay internal software testers to do the debugging for them.  Something a lot of software companies are doing these days.

I am still suspicious, though, that local play influencing multiplayer was intentional by a rogue programmer.  You don't just accidentally program the game so that it happens.

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