Black Ops II Xbox 360

I run and gun with the QBB, and whan I have the right attachments unlocked (Quickdraw, Rapid Fire, Laser Sight), it is easily one of the best CQC weapons in the game (In my opinion). It is also (Barely) usable at long range. I run and gun with it no problems, the laser sight helping in a pinch.

The only other LMG I have used for any length of time, the MK 48, is a monster at long range thanks to it's low recoil. Low fire rate, sure, but that isn't an issue when you can drop them in three perfectly aimed rounds from some distance away.

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So far only used the Mk48. Will try the HAMR this prestige. Permant unlocked it.

Hope it's a bit like the RPD from MW2 best lmg so far in the cod history

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I LOVE LMG'S!!!!!!!!! they are kick ass fun, mk48 is great, LSAT is also very good but i have just fallen in love with the HAMR.  to maximise them i run primary gun fighter with a sight of some kind, normally a EDTECH then FMJ so i can smash air support and kill snipers that cower behind cover when i let rip and finally stock or quick draw.  lightweight is a must for perks as is toughness.

i've even found that on the tight maps a laser sight helps with those surprise situations when you come face to face with someone unexpectedly. 

basically they are great i've almost 2nd prestiged fully the mk46, lsat is on its way and the HAMR won't be far behind

i think SMG's are a honey moon gun, yeah brainless idiots will always sprint round hip firing but ya can only be a talentless idiot for so long before you want a challenge and LMG's are very powerful but also vulnerable so its a nice natural balance

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I love the MK48. It is a beast and is great at locking down key areas with signifigant sight lines. Combine it with a riot shield and you will really annoy people.

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I just recently stopped my run and run strategy and doing nothing but KC and switched to CTF using MK48 with Target Finder and FMJ. LOVE IT. My K/D ratio has went way up, I contribute greatly to the game by playing defense and holding off the enemy from our flag. I'm guessing most games no one plays defense, everyone just runs around the map and I have no trouble picking everyone off. It's almost like they are surprised someone is playing defense.

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I was accused of having a modded controller twice today. I was pissing off the snipers with my MK, variable Zoom and quickdraw. LOL. They were hopping mad. I said "what good does a modded controller do, with an automatic weopon?" Didn't receive an answer to that. I love my MK !

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