Let's see if Treyarch stick to their word about keeping things balanced...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

....because after 2 days play it's clear the MP7 is not balanced.

Stick a silencer and grip/laser sight and this thing has no recoil at all.

I'm not usually 1 to moan about weapons but when you play a match and the ENTIRE other team is using exactly the same weapon,you know there is something wrong.

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Just wait until Nov 13th so the rest of us can determine the balance for ourselves.

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Or it could be that it is a familiar weapon from MW3.

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It's basically the same as in MW3 and it was overused in that game because of how unbalanced it was.

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The MP7 is one of the worst SMGs in Black Ops 2.

That's the truth.

I'm excited that a lot of fans will be trying to use it and do well with it, because there are the big-3 SMGs that are 100% better than the MP-7, and then the vector might even be better than the MP-7 as well.

So if you think the MP7 is unbalanced, play some more with it and play with some of the other SMGs. You'll quickly realize that it's one of the worst SMGs in the game.

Not saying it's BAD. Just saying that it doesn't even BEGIN to compete with the other SMGs in the game.

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From what I've heard from those who are already playing BO2, the MSMC, Skorpion Evo III, PDW-57 are better than the MP7

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The msmc seems to be alot of peoples choice

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Yes, people need to unlock weapons.

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NERF the MP7 its OP? LOL what a riot. Try some of the other guns and really give them an honest try and the come back and say that.

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