Less than 1% play League Play - pointless mode?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

what would you want to replace league mode? possibly a new game mode or just more hardcore modes?

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You can't remove a core mode and make it hardcore.

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league play would have been good if this game wasn't so laggy... and you can't even use your public match class setups.. i'm not sure if it even allows xp .. if it doesn't then its a total fail.

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League play was just implement terribly.  I think if they increased the XP earned to around 15k per game it would increase the amount of people that play it greatly, maybe somewhere between 5-15 thousand.

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You could increase it it 50,000 and I wouldn't play. I play to compete (not for XP) and until lag is not the overwhelmingly greatest factor in competition, I will never play league. I am sure this is the majority reason it isn't being played.

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I am not talking about you.  I was thinking it would draw more people in.  Since you level up slowly people that like leveling up are turning away from it.

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...I love League play.

Am I alone in this?

It's more competative - more people use Mic. Stakes are higher. If they increased the rewards more people would play, but I think more people will gravitate towards it later on... we're all still too busy ranking up our prestige and guns.

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I don't see it as being more competitive, I mean I know that being more competitive is the reasoning behind League...I still don't believe it is.

Other wise IMO there would be more players in it. It's basically the same thing as Halo 3's/Reach's MLG playlist (They didn't need a whole other thing for it like League.)

I would love to see the "Godly" youtubers play in it though at some point.

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There are no stakes.  It's a video game.

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Inherently the game was made to fail in regards to HC modes.  Going through the Core modes the other day, the majority of players were in SnD  and TDM.  All others, specifically, Multi-team, Demo, Team Merc, HQ, CTF were all under 1K in players.  This is when over 400K people are online.

I find it completely ridiculous that 3ARC had quite a few HC modes in BO, yet decided to "wait until we see what people play" before they made HC changes.

An ultimate FAIL on their part, IMO.  That is beside the horrible connection problems that "don't exist."

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