Less than 1% play League Play - pointless mode?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


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Just remove League play from Black Ops II in the next TU. So that they can add some more Hardcore/party  gamemodes to the regular playlist.

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if finding a game werent so hard to do more people would play i played it when the game came out and it was kinda fun even when the game was putting me in teams full of retards over and over i tried to play it a few days ago and it was imposible to find a match im not gonna wait 30mins to find a game

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Maybe remove it and add more hardcore.

League play is sort of dumb in the current game.  Im not going to go in there and test my connection against other people's connection as a test of skill.  Maybe if they could get the netcode where it acts like MW2 or even MW3 in it's current state, some people may be willing to play league.

Right now I could only see it being useful on a LAN

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Barely .5% right now. It was a flop just like those competition playlists in Black Ops.

They really need to take it out and put in something worthwhile. I would love to see some new party gamemodes! People have given so many fresh ideas; I wouldn't mind seeing a snipers only kind of thing.

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LP was just impemented badly.

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Bringing back the "War" game mode would be nice but not sure if it'll work on these small maps due to spawn issues.

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I like league play, but yeah it's only for certain people. If you like to play to win, and play the objective then it's for you. Or if you got bored playing against noobs all day like myself. They already have party games, just go and play that. I wish they would make it like Halo and have a trueskill system applied to all of the playlists, that way players like myself can avoid having bad teammates.

As far as lag goes, the whole game lags, so that doesn't matter to me.

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i think they need to fix it because i refuse to play it as is. i loved the concept when i first heard about it. then you play it and its nothing like i thought. i get 5 great teams when i play my placement games and do amazing i get put into the gold divison like i deserve. then my next 6 games all crappy teams and lose every single one even though i do really good and always get on the top of the list of pretty much both teams, then its like even though you did good we dont care because your team sucks so here is a demotion to the silver division. stupid bullsh*t game mode. its suppose to be based on your skill for a "solo rank" but it really only depends on how your team does. i could go 1-30 and my team could win and i still get a rank up. then the next game i could go 30-5 and my team still loses and i lose rank. how stupid is that?

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Yes it based around winning, trust me I have to carry my team alot but it isn't that bad. Gold division isn't bad at all just think about the people in the iron division.

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