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I recently noticed all I needed was skulls to unlock gold on my fave smg.  Before I started my next game of core snd I removed my lethal and secondary to ensure I was going to kill with good ol bullets.  Ok after a few games and extreme camping I pulled a bloodthirsty using the smg.  It was in the after action report, but under customize weapon the counter did not increase by one.  I have no capture card so video proof is not an option, sorry bout that.  3arc team can you please investigate and community your positive input is appreciated.

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if you were playing a round based game like dom and it happens between rounds it never counts

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I've had it work through rounds in Domination, and multiple rounds in Search and Destroy. Sometimes they just don't record. I've had regular games on Deathmatch and KC where the Bloodthirsty Medal just didn't show up in my weapon challenges. For whatever reason it does happen sometimes.

Lag? Latency? Bad host? A blip in the connection? Who knows?

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its happened to me a few times you just have to put up with it and keep trying 

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learn how to throttle your connection and do lag switching and you'll be getting BTB nuclear medals.

its really annoying and funny to see someone running around with a nuclear card and he's untouchable no matter what you do. just because hit detection doesn't work on him.

or play ground war with ghost and a suppressor, not as many bullshit moments in that game mode to what iv'e noticed

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