League play scoring

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I’m a bit lost on how they do the scoring system. I’ve played against a full clan and get 10 or 30 points. I play against randoms, people leave me on my own and I lose 130-150 points.

Also why do people leave before they even spawn in. Do they not get points taken off them., normally play LP but it happened so many times yesterday.

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The game has a pre-determied outcome based upon a treyarch secret forumla comparing the other team vs yours.

It doesn't matter if a team is in a full party of 4 or playing individually. The game takes into account whether you're supposed to win or lose based on the predicted outcome, if the prediction is correct, you win or lose 10 points. If you win or lose the game you were statistically not suppose to, you win 150 or lose 150.

Yesterday was my wost experience in league. I played 5 games, and in all 5 games, I was the only one who loaded into my game. I had never seen it before, but it happened to me. So I just shut my box off and went outside and played with my puppy.

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Thanks for that, please tell me it was a real puppy and not some nickname you have for a body part!

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Yeah this just happened to me again. CLHP and 1v4 I was docked 150 points for the loss.

In future I hope detection for actual players is taken into account before it awards the points.

Very unfair considering it was likely the other team were awarded as many points for beating me on my own.

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