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Re: League Play is ruined SMH

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And here folks, we have what you would call a typical Forum user. Whatever this person thinks is 100% right and anyone else who thinks otherwise is ignorant and just plain stupid to them.

Well I feel special because Oxidez is addressing me. But lets see, where did I in my responses try to prove I was 100%, did I call anyone ignorant or "stupid". Remember that ol' saying stupid is as stupid does, think about it.

But what's interesting is that they are completely unaware of how wrong they are all the time, yet they continue to prove their points because they are smart with words.

Interesting indeed, oh I am not smart with words I use words to describe not being smart. Interesting very much.

So, izjar just because YOU don't see a problem with the game doesn't mean there isnt one, you know this may be shocking to you but, other people see differently to you, and you can't always be right.

Oxidez, I am not very sure why your questioning me, but if you read my responses to this person, in regards to League play you might comprehend what it is I was defending. Here I'll tell you ~ i was defending every players option to use what ever it is they CHOOSE to use in the game.

I find the game has many issues, connection problems, matchmaking, etc I go through it equally as others.

Is there anything else you want to invent about me?

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Re: League Play is ruined SMH

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The point I was trying to make is that league isnt failing because its not fun.  In fact I dont know that is is failing. You could argue that its failed to grow its player count over the months. Within the league the game modes are no different then the playlists outside of it. There are many reasons its not "catching on", but I wouldnt start to argue its because its not fun. It has its place. There are other reasons that were completely predictable as to why this wouldnt succeed they failed to address.

1.) Poor marketing and no incentives. Anytime I ask someone if they want to play it, they have no idea what it is. Where are the incentives to playing this mode? Special titles, how about chrome camo, Blue clan tags, ect.. There are dozens of things that would instantly get people to go play this mode but theyve chosen not to give it any draw. Do you think Kill confirmed would have ever caught on if the points you got for collecting tags didnt exist?

2.) Many people are Stat sensitive, and playing a mode where matchmaking is solely based on skill is the quickest way to ruin them. Im not gonna argue that stats are important, just that people feel that way. If they separated stats for this playlist and kept it separate from all of the rest, I think more people would play it.

3.)Many people including myself dont like these moshpit modes where the game modes change and you have to keep chaning your set ups. When I come on at night I want to play TDM 99% of the time. Many people are like this, we all have a favorite mode, and perhaps if they want something like this to catch on, they should have just made it one mode per month.

4.) Because of the previous 3 things ive mentioned, the player count is abysmally low. 2k at its height. The matchmaking/lag issues with this game are embarrassing.  I dont dare trying to match make with a pool of 2k people spread out through the globe.

These are the reasons it fails to grow, not because of a weapon being used, which is available for you to use too.

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Re: League Play is ruined SMH

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I'm in plat rank 20 (last time I checked a few days ago) and man, the camping is atrocious!  It's even worse because people actually spawn trap - not rush it, but just camp it at the "perfect" distance.

I once played hijacked and in the last 2:30 of the game, not ONE person moved (other then myself and checking the leaderboards to see if there were people on the other team still in the lobby)

It's just boring

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Re: League Play is ruined SMH

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I actually get a kick out of campers, their "style" and persistence.  Some of hem are quite creative.  It's fun hunting them down.

Really all you need is Engineer so you can see ahead of time where the Riot Shield is setup as well as any other equipment.  Send an EMP in (as long as you don't throw it over the trophy it will work) and even if they have flak jacket on, throw a C4 over the shield onto their head and it's not likley they will survive.  Quick hands might be needed to get a good quick throw. i've noticed a lot of the more challenging Riot Shield enemies have this perk on as well so they can switch to weapons/tacticals/lethals or plant the shield quickly.  Ohh and MMS also helps see where they are through the walls ahead of time.

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Re: League Play is ruined SMH

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Locking. This thread is entirely unproductive. Many of our community have provided some great and valid points, but others choose to ignore it and instead mislabel those arguing against their complaints and feedback.

We don't need that here and if you don't want to participate in actual discussion, then please feel free to leave. Save us the time.

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