League Play is a failure?

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So after not playing CoD since MW2 I started thinking about buying BO2 after hearing about the league play feature from a friend. A quick google searc and a couple of Youtubes vids showed me that quite a lot of the things that stopped me playing CoD had been removed, so I decided to nip down to morrisons on Tuesday and pick up a copy.

Jumped straight into Moshpit league play and after getting put into Bronze division (not playing CoD for 3 years + trying to snipe =/= good results) I was quite excited. I was ready to take on other players in the league, fight my way to the top and get promoted all the way to the top. Which proved a problem because everyone I seemed to face was in a better league than me.

My first problem with league play is the fact that even though was in bronze division I was constantly being put up against teams from Gold or above. This wouldnt bother me so much if the game didnt decide that the best way to set up teams would be to put all the high ranked players against all the low ranked ones. It can't be that hard to put a system in place that actually tries to balance the teams.

Oh and why does my TEAM'S poor performance affect my SOLO rating? Why not just make it so the top player on the losing team doesn't lose any rating? It's frustrating enough trying to carry a team of bads; but when you end the game with the highest score out of all 12 players then get deducted 100 points because nobody else on your team was half as good as you were, it's a complete kick in the teeth.

The next problem was people leaving. In some cases this wasnt actually too bad. Playing kill confirmed without the guy whos died 10 times and not got a single kill is much easier. But on games like domination you just end up getting spawn camped with your two iron division buddies by the six master division players on the other team. Can't think of a good way to stop this happening, but maybe you could let players join, but not have the result count if they lose?

I dont get the way the rating points are decided either? I got promoted to Gold division yesterday after managing to carry enough iron/bronze divisioners to victory against teams of gold divisioners and I've been playing in it today. For some reason I got 10 points for a win followed by a deduction of 130 points for losing Kill confirmed, even though I was top on the Scoreboard (better than everyone on both teams) and 3 of my team left after less than two minutes. So my 3 win streak was nullified by a single loss even though I was the best player in the match?

Solo League play is a frustrating mess. I can see why there's only 425 people out of the 321,432 online that are playing it.

It's such a shame because it's a really good idea. You could have players from Bronze fighting it out for promotion and silver, gold, platinum doing the same. It would be great. You'd get even teams and if you based the rating points on who did the best (you could also give players a bonus for winning) the best players would be getting promoted rather than the ones who got lucky enough not to get landed with iron division players.

Also, instead of having preliminary games, you could start off everyone in Iron league. If a person performed well enough in his first match he gets promoted. If he owns everyone in his second match (this team in Bronze league.) They do well in silver league they go to Gold. They tear up two games in gold they go to Platinum. After this the game promotes them however it does after prelim games. If you do badly in one of your matches you need to do well in two to get promoted. E.g you come bottom of the scoreboard in your first game in Iron. You then come in the top 3 of a winning team two games in a row. You then get promoted to Bronze.

I just dont understand how a good idea can be executed this badly. Surely Treyarch can see something isnt working when less than 0.002% of the Black Ops players are actually playing League Moshpit at any one time and less than 0.01% of players are playing league play at any one time.

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Judging from previous releases - after they've finished making / releasing DLC they'll probably focus on tweaking league play and play list. Surely they'll look at that before the lag comp / out of sync issues.

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The mismatched matchmaking is a direct result of the mode only having about 1,500 people playing across 3 modes at any given time. With a low population like that there simply is no way to make even teams.

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League Play shouldn't be separated from public play.  It should just have it's own category within such as Core and hardcore.

Out of sight, out fo mind.

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Well if it's always been this bad I can see why nobody plays it. I thought after so many years they might have stopped tacking on broken features to try and disguise the fact they've just taken CoD4 and replaced all the maps and guns with worse ones.

Back to morrisons to ask for a refund i guess

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Sounds like they need to split Solo and Team league play. I still am trying to understand what the actual benefits are of League play at this point. Sounds like skill–based matches, but with low populations, there's simply not enough of a mix in skill to match players.

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League Play is broken.  When you allow parties of players to compete in a solo-ranked leaderboard, then something is wrong.  There is no even playing field whatsoever.  Solo ranked leagues are simply an extension of the clan league where randoms who want to compete will simply get pub stomped.  Randoms always get placed together and are forced to face off against a partied group of coordinating players.  While solo-players could coordinate together this is almost always not the case - no matter how hard you try.

Why they allowed this is beyond me, but it ruins any kind of illusion of fair and even competitive play.  I wonder if they will ever fix it.  After being a solo-player who got into of platinum in the first season, I will probably not touch this mode again.

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I'm a broken record, but it seems like any legitimate league play would have to be on a LAN.

No self-respecting clan is going to get into a serious match where their gunfights are dictated by their connection to the host more than their skill.

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Had to do a search...exactly.

"Treyarch can see something isnt working when less than 0.002% of the Black Ops players are actually playing League Moshpit at any one time and less than 0.01% of players are playing league play at any one time."

Read the last update...it included league play improvements.  I think it's funny some idiot at Treyarch thinks this is a good idea.  Programmers are probably starting to hate to come to work now. 

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Its sad this failed idea is getting more attention than HC. League Play will never have the numbers of HCKC, it struggles to have the numbers of the least player HC modes, and often falls short. More people are playing HC than League Play 100% of the time, yet HC continues to be ignored.

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