League Play Problems

Black Ops II Xbox 360

  1. The game needs to stop placing masters in lobbies with kids in iron and bronze league.
  2. There needs to be a true solo league so I don't have to face a team 1v4 because the randoms on my team leave right away.
  3. Fix the ladder points; why would I only get 10 points for winning 2v4 for over half of the game?
  4. In case the whole team leaves, or we are down a lot of points, could we maybe have a chance at halftime or something to surrender?
  5. This point is more of a personal opinion: I would like to see champions league follow mlg rules which would mean banning more things.
  6. Oh, and one last little problem that came up today... So let's see, I was master rank 18 or 19 and I lost two games in a row and what does the game decide? It decides that I'm a bad kid and drops me all the way to platinum rank 2. Are you serious?! Top 25 master and I get dropped a league because I lost twice in a row?! (Yes, this whole point 4 is pretty much an angry rant, but the other points should be taken seriously)
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2. Is why i haven't touched League yet. I would love to play competitive League but not with randoms vs a full clan. I've played with a full clan for 2 years and know how devastating communication can be. With communication even a bad player can shine.

A Mercenary League would be nice.

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hi would like to ask a question iplayed my four games as requested,then it said waiting for placment?how long does that takes?and through those matches half my team left leaving 6 against 3..

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