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As far as I can tell, the leaderboards froze within the first day.  Every time I check the leaderboards in the lobby (demolition), it shows my progress as of level 42 although I've prestiged since then.  Anyone else seeing this?

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Re: Leaderboards

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To slap1i Yeah bro i've actually noticed that myself and we're totally not alone on that. Other's are seeing it too. It's either that The Leaderboards have frozed or that it's updating rather slowly. But Treyarch hasn't announced anything about it yet. Demolition goes with the point i'm making cause it's my Game Mode. I can have 1,000 kills, 100 plants, & 50 defuses and be 5th Prestige. But yet a player on my friends list who just played once has an SPM at 925 while i'm now 325 and i play well not all the time but everyday. That's just unfair and ridiculous.

Off Leaderboard topic. Demoliton for BO2 isn't meeting my expectations like MW3. Spawn trapping is super easy to do now. Especially if your a party of 6 with mics and have Presitged already to have both Ghost ability and Tactical Insertion versus a random team of 6 with no mics and just started the game. Hijack/Boat map is like the ultimate spawn trapping map. What i dislike about BO2 for this game mode is how the spawns are set rather then randomized.

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