Latest Update (23.424.10) Has messed up my stats and getting probation for leaving games early.... I have Tar21 in wildcards?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

any news on a fix for it?

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This happened to me after the update also. Lost weapon slots lost all my permanent unlocks. No tokens. Had the same error on weapon slot one. 3 million crossbow kills, rocket kills, bettys, 3million uav used, hunter.. ect.

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This happened to me aswell. Any Fix? it gave me like 100000 kills with random weapons,equipment,scorestreaks

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The same thing happened to me, but my create a classes got much more screwed up. Some of my perks are VSAT, lightning strike, gunship, emp, swat-556, type 25, and assault shield. Some of my wildcards are spyplane, lightning strike, knife, and dragon fire. Also I got some awesome calling cards for free and all my stats got boosted

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As far as the calling cards and strange stats go you will probably have to contact Activision Support. As far as the UI30010 error and the messed up classes I can help you on that as this happened to my son a week or so ago.

Go to your create a X (or whatever it says in the lower right hand corner) to reset your custom class...pick a class to reset it to. Repeat for all your classes. You should then be able to go back in and change them to what you want.

I was up and running in about two minutes once they told me this. His stats were fortunatley never touched, but he got a few extra calling cards which I reported back to Activision to have removed. Whether or not that is taken care of is beyond me as I have not checked.

Hopefully that helps a bit. If it doesn't then you will have to make a phone call or contact them via their facebook page. I got them through facebook and everything was resolved within an hour as this was a simple fix. Good luck.

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