Latest Patch Ruined the Game for Me (long)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i still had the usual lag comp quite a bit and i was rarely in lobbies where everyone didnt have 4 bars,after the patch almost every lobby im in has lots of 3,2 and 1 bar players and most of my matches now have at least 2-3 people just skipping around the map making it harder to get a kill,

before patch for me was luxury compared to now

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TOTALLY agree. same thing for me..

pay attention to the lobby leaderboards of your lobbies as well...

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welcome to my world that i've experienced since the game came out. surprisingly the lag has been good to me the past week so i would say that the patch is a blessing. I feel your pain though. My KD and win ratio has always been over 2.0 in every cod in the last 5 years. It is now 1.50. SMH.

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Maybe you just suck?

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it feels like I'm back to square one now just when I was starting to enjoy the game lag is terrible again and I can't seem to win a 1v1 gun fight even if I've got the drop on them first

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If they took away the skill base match making you should be getting in lobbies with closer players.  By closer I mean players with close ping times.  So, if you are still seeing lag i would check your connection.  Do you live outside a major city?  If you live father out in the country that would explain the quality of lobbies you are finding.

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feel your pain dude. they need to remove this skill based match making or whatever the hell it is. ill join a lobby, join a team, and ill be the only one who does well on my team. for example, in one game i went 25-17 while all my teammates couldnt break 10; the enemies all averaged 20 kills with a 1.0+ KD. its frusterating playing with a group knowing that im gonna lose. in previous CODs i could average 2 KDs; in this game im lucky to break 1.5 now.

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I am in complete agreement with the original poster as well as the majority of replies. I am the first one to admit that I am not very good but can sometimes hold my own. I was actually enjoying this game up until the patch. My expectations are not to be at the top of the scoring every match. Going from 15/5 or 13/6 with a decent scorestreak award thrown in there to consistent 5/10 or 10/11 over the weekend has been quite frustrating.

I cannot tell you the amount of quickscopers that I have been matched up against over the weekend as well. I actually said to myself a few times- "Heck with it, I am going to camp in this corner. No sense on running around."

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lol do what i do man. whip out the rpg, bouncing better, riot shield and camp away! im a rusher, so doing this to others is great at times!

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same here,  this game is very bad after the last update, i cant kill anybody now and die with a couple of bullets to the foot,if something isnt done soon i will be trading it in for Far Cry 3!

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