Latest Patch Ruined the Game for Me (long)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

MJW: Not sure about your comment "get better" really fits.. I by no means am a pro, but nor should i be 0-6 in the first 6 gunfights with no hit markers either....

But i do agree with "play with a party", I will be and the party leader will have a .40 K/D too.

I am not trying to complain but i think the people that now enjoy the game post patch is the ones that hated it pre-patch. I underestand they widened the point spread on matchmaking, but i find it hard to believe that i cant get a match where im not the lowest in the lobby. I looked every match last night and was the bottom every single lobby(some was 200spm higher than me). can someone explain that?.. Im pretty sure im not a horrible player, i was enjoying +10 kills on average every match before the the patch. never had lag issues doing that time and now can get shot before i even round a corner and kill cam shows i was already around it.. my speed is 2.5m up, 2.5m down

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that sounds accurate. you should try tinkering with the search preference. pre patch "best" was unplayable for me. post patch "normal" is amazing.

post patch i still get lag killed by anyone who is 1-2 barring, but it's not as bad BECAUSE THEY TUNED IT a bit.

there is no reason that 1-2 bar players should be in god mode like host on cod4.

i'm not saying you're terrible or a pro, but do you think there is a chance you were enjoying a handicap pre patch because of the matchmaking / latency?

i think it's important to point out that lag comp is here to stay and the way to make it playable is by tuning the matchmaking and doing the very best job we can to get in a game with well-connected players.

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If they fixed the lag, that would be one thing, but lag + outclassed = unenjoyable.

Matchmaking wasn't broken, the lag was.  They needed to fix the lag issues without undoing the matchmaking.  

You: Doc, I broke my leg.

Doc: We're going to have to cut off the leg.  The leg is the problem.

You: Wait, what?  Why not just fix the leg.

Doc: That will take to much time and there's no guarantee that it will heal properly, Removing the leg fixes the problem.

You: Uh, OK?

I'm not suddenly going to "get better" or Learn2Play after 100+ hours, 3 Prestiges, and 7500 kills.  I'm not talking about not wanting to play against better players.  In every match I've played, there's always been better players.  Now, they are ALL so much better than I, that I have no chance.

Here are my K/D’s for the matches prior to the patch:

10/12, 15/9, 6/10, 0/2, 0/1, (won’t load), 5/8, 12/11, (won’t load), 2/9, 12/3, 11/13, 6/13, 13/7, 6/13, 14/7, (won’t load), 11/5, 11/11, 12/5, 0/6, 17/16, 13/7, 11/15, 12/3, 12/8, 8/10, 11/7, 12/8, 16/8, 5/10, 13/6, 10/10, 10/13, 5/2, (won’t load), 12/10, 1/0, 11/8, 0/1, 9/12, 7/15, 4/10, 9/10, 5/4, 9/15, (won’t load), 5/8, 13/9, 17/10, 19/11, 13/13, 4/7, 1/7, 18/15, 18/8, 4/14, 8/14, 9/13, 8/7, 15/7, 9/14, 7/7, 9/15, 8/5, 4/15, 12/12, 4/17, 11/8, 7/12, 12/13, 4/13, 11/15, 15/13, 11/16, 30/16, 15/12, 15/11, 1/0, 11/9, 11/4, 16/14, 18/12, 13/12, 16/7, 19/6, (at this point the films stop loading)

In the 23 matches prior to the patch I went positive 9 times, not 9 positives over 80 matches!

There was a stretch where I went positive at least 11 times in a row, maybe more, again not 9 times over 80 matches!  

Looking at the flip side, my worst stretch post-patch was 1 positive in 30 matches!!! – worst pre-patch was 1 positive in 8 matches.  Worst number of consecutive negatives – pre-patch 5 negatives in a row, post patch it was 18 negatives in a row!

In 86 matches, positive 41 times.  This counts all of the “won’t loads” against me and odds are they were at least half in my favor.  As opposed to 9 positives in over 80 matche!.  Go ahead and tell me you’d find this enjoyable and would keep playing!

I don’t have unrealistic expectations, my split was under 50/50 pre-patch, I'm now 90/10 against.  Not the MP experience I was looking for. I know I’m not a great player.  I suck, I get it.  I just want a chance to perform well and to enjoy playing the game.  Being a paper target for other players is not enjoyable!

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So you can't run around the map 1 shot killing anything that moves....adapt.  The SG was ruining the game for most other players and was completely OP.

The arguement of "it should win close quarters" is silly.  It's a video game, unless every single gun is pratically a one shot kill it's not "realistic" anyway.

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I wasn't "running around the map 1 shot killing anything that moves". 

FAL:  2200+ Kills

MTAR: 1100+ Kills

SCAR:  1000 Kills

870:  650+ Kills

PDW:  500+ Kills

MP7: 300+

So, that's 3400 AR kills vs 650 SG kills... and more SMG kills than SG kills.

And SG's were not overpowered, the 870 has a lot of negatives to overcome.  You have to adapt you're playstyle to use the shotgun.  Missing means certain death, you have to learn to properly enter and control rooms, you have to learn to move around the map to minimize creating any long engagements, you have the slowest cycle time of any weapon. 

We're not talking about an SMG user that can run around and simply mash the trigger and creep their crosshairs over to you while they spray the entire room with bullets and still get the kill.  I don't want to be forced into using SMGs just to have any chance at winning gunfights.

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Its the same for me..

Think your Answer can be found here:

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At least you can play the game, it lags so bad that I can't even move from my spawn.

(It isn't my connection, I always have 4 bars)

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i see very few 4 bars now.. lots of 2 and 3 bars, some 1 bars....

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mine has gone the same as KD8GKR and most of the time in lobbies with 3,2 and 1 bar players and more lag spikes

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TRICKSTER: was your gameplay pleasant before the patch? I thought "homerun" with this one..... until the weekend

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