Latest Patch Ruined the Game for Me (long)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This lastest patch is garbage.......... from the hitboxs being jaked Way up to probation cause the severs crashes or too many HM's then I gotta wait to get back in a game? BOOOOOOO SIr's Boooo

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The new patch has been awesome and its not just me.  All my friends are saying the same thing.  We all have normal internet corrections 20 down 2 up and before the patch we were all behind ~1 second.  Now the game feels right now, maybe you are just running into players who are no longer behind on game play?

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Its not I feel behind or that the person im shooting is laging..... I point 2 slugs in someone they dont take damage like they should hence the hit boxs being jaked up

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yeah maybe the people complaining now are just used to getting easy kills from players who didn't even have a chance to shoot pre patch

if i see you now, you're dead

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Going 8-15 against equal or lesser players sucks, but that is what I get with a bad connection.  I would much rather go 8-15 against better players.  If the really did a fix that matches up players based on ping and the game suddenly becomes playable, well to me that is a good thing.

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From your scores I assume that you have to be playing TDM. 

1) Play a different gametype.  The spawns on the small maps are poor at best, when you add to the equation that people are flying all over the map you are going to have many unnecessary deaths because you are going to get killed by people spawning behind you.

2) Play with a team or find a team to play with.  This will improve your matches 100%.  UAV or no UAV you will know where people are.

3) Slow your game down.  Don't get caught up in the run and gun tatics that so many of the 12 year olds find fun.  Are you going to lose to them when they fly by on occassion?  Yes, but if you can find the right spots you can pick them off and put yourself at an advantage.

4) Don't worry about the leaderboard.  I could care less who I am playing aginst so long as the connection is good.  Play your game and use your strengths. 

5) Experiment - Have different classes and use them to adapt in game. 

If you are not here complaining about the connection issues than consider yourself lucky.  I would love to be able to play a session and not have to deal with 1-3 players that are 1-2 seconds ahead of me.

Skill problems can be addressed but lag is something that you can't control. 

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Thanks for the suggestions, I understand and apply all of what you have written in one form or another.

1) I have tried other game types and dislike them all because I have found that so many people don't play the objective of objective games.  I also don't like Hardcore because it is a camp-fest. Granted I played Domination with some players that know how to play the objective and it was great.  If I could play with those guys, I would play it all the time.

2) Agreed, but most of my IRL friends are on PSN and I'm Xbox.  I have one friend that I consistently play with, but he is in the SAME EXACT BOAT AS I AM.  I play with other players from online as well, but I do not play with an organized team.  I'm not really motivated to join a clan or play on anyone else's schedule.  I know that my gameplay suffers as a result, but the night and day differences pre- vs. post-patch are beyond the pale.

3) Look at my Kills and Deaths, I already play a "slow" game.  Yes, there are games I go 12/13, but I generally don't play the fast-n-furious style that many players seem to play.  I averaged 10/10, which represents 20/150 , which is only about 12% of potential deaths in TDM, hardly a 10/25 player.

4) I dont really care about the leaderboard itself.  I care about the disparity in 95% of the lobbies that I'm being put in now.  I should be just as likely to be at the top of the list one game as I am at the bottom of the list another as well as every position in between.  Put another way, I should have a 33% chance of being at the bottom 1/3 of the board, 33% chance to be in the middle 1/3 of the board, and 33% chance of being in the top 1/3 of the board.  Hell, I'll settle for a 50% chance in being in the top 1/2 and 50% to be in the bottom 1/2.  But that is no longer the case.  I am almost always the worst player in the lobby 95% of the time - with no exaggeration.  This plus lag is the problem.  Not only aren't my shots registering, but now I am paired up against players that are ALL MUCH better than I am -- not some -- but ALL.  Give me 4 or 5 people that are equivalent to me and I'll deal with the fact that the other 6 are better than me.  I would sign up for that right now.

5) I have been experimenting with various guns, loadouts, and playstyles, including combat knife only, which quite frankly yields me nearly the same poor K/D, but is much more satisfying knowing that I am ticking off other players and I expect to lose all of my engagements so every kill is that much more satisfying.  Now, I prestiged again, so I have to work my way back to some weapons that I haven't used in the past to see if they yield better results.

I would defy you to keep playing if you only went positive 1 out of 10 matches and 2 days of playing had significant negative effects on the results of the prior 30 days of playing, with no end in sight.  Really, I would.

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