Lag compensation problem - frustrating, I can't be that bad!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Bolgna, they still get through.

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I have also experienced this, but it seems to happen when the lobby you are in has a small number of players, or a group has just left.  Then it seems to struggle for a moment to find a game, or re-establish things and then, beep, your auto-injected into a completely different lobby with different maps.  I play on PS3 but it has happened more lately, and I can't remember it ever happing before the last patch. It only beeps once when I noticed it, but that could be a PS3 thing.  When this happens we get out before the game starts, because from our experience it means that we will usually get a bad lag comp handed to us.

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Based on your experience; is there a way to predict who will be most affected by lag comp or is it simply a case of everyone will get a turn sooner or later?

I also think the issue is made worse by the very poor matchmaking which muddies the water and players actively making their connections worse to try to improve their gaming experience.

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ANY one tryed the bullet register count ? .  at the begining of a round fire a bullet and see if it registers at the same rate of fire .

this shows if you are in a state of lag to the host server.

i have found that it only takes 1 poor signal in a lobby to mess the hosts game up to unplayerable.

so my gripe is why do fokes with 1 or 2 bars stay in a lobbie as it engauges the lag comp shit which in my eyes needs to be nerfed .

pay for a decent broadband connection as p2p games need perfect lines for no lag.

second gripe matchmaking .. bin it ! it dont work . its been said before but revert back to ping based searching.

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You can save your ammo, the weapon cocking animation at the start shows it up, just watch how long that takes

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If you're playing on Drone, try to go through the automated doors. If I'm getting bad synching, I'll run into those doors before they fully open

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I think I've seen a common factor in all these threads - those suffering all have high upload speeds. I have fast down, but my upload is very ordinary. My game runs pretty damn well to be honest.

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I recently upgraded to fibre. On DSL my bandwidth in the options menu was around 700-800kb, now its about 2000kb or so and the game doesnt play as well as it used to.

I don't get host but when the game starts I press the back button to see the scoreboard and it looks like I'm first to connect to the host.

Is the game using my bandwidth for theatre in some way??

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Honestly, the game uses a pathetic amount of bandwidth. Even dial-up would be comfortable with it. I'm on Fibre too, but out of interest what is your upload speed now, and what was it on your old line?

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My old connection on DSL was 8mb down 1mb up.

Now on fibre its 38mb down and 2mb up

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