Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Yeah loved the ban I actually almost cried of laughter. Treyarch are pretty much saying "our broken lag comp is here to stay, suffer or get banned" LOL

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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You bought BO and MW3. And you waited for BO2 at midnight release. You won't take it back. stfu

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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I I'm going to back this guy up here.

3 games in and I was already annoyed with the lag compensation.

The kill cams wee so blatantly different from what I saw it was unreal.

Launch day or not, it the same launch day beta test for them to fine tune yet again.

Why is it even incorporated?

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Kill cams are ALWAYS drastically different. 

MW3 was legit issues, but there are times where I wonder if people just whine for the sake of whining, with no actual idea if its bad or not.

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Oh a put down. Well played Sir. I bow to your superior intellect.

There was one other cod game where I had to restrict the throughput to my 360s mac address,

essentially giving myself a shirty connection. That's right it was black ops 1.

Kill cam ALWAYS drastically different? Heard it pal.

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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I actually have to laugh at all the fanboys who defend this game and others with the "Oh it's just release day they'll fix it!!" crap. Honestly with the amount of time and money they put in these games you would think that just once they would release a finished product that worked completely. You think they'd give us a game that didn't need to be patched 2-3 times within a day or two of the game coming out. You think the game would as intended at launch, but no. Sadly in this day and age they give us something halfway out of beta testing and fix as they go, or if they get a big enough haul at their launch(see MW3) they don't fix it and laugh all the way to the bank while 50% of the player base complains and the other 50% of the player base defense the company to no end in typical fanboy style. Would not surprise me in the least if this turns out to be MW3 all over again, they make an absolute haul at release and then they've got their profit and don't have to bother with fixing the game. They'll put out the occasional patch to try to smooth things over and then dangle double xp and double weapon xp in front of you all year to keep you entertained until the next one comes out. MW3 and ELITE still aren't working as intended from launch of last year, and people think this game will be any different?

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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IEliteWalker wrote:

So much for "wait till release day". Once again the same old ****, instant deaths, shot around corners...

Well done Treyarch you just finally killed COD, that doesn't bother you though does it?

Idiots like myself have been lured into wasting my money again....

You had TWO past games at least to compare to. You also did not have to wait in line to buy it.

You could have waited at LEAST a week to a month to see how other people felt about the game, but instead you rushed out to get it.

Thats not Treyarchs fault YOU reached in your wallet too soon.

PS , its already been said by many people for years that the COD type games run too fast for Lag comp to make perfect predictions on what is going on.

Welcome to the world of online gaming where no one can predict what will happen a quarter of a second in the future. Get used to it, the things you see in the game are what comes from normal internet issues.

Just like the small print says, you purchased a licence to use the software and that the software is issued AS IS. If you do not agree to the S. L. Agreement then you can return the product to place of purchase.

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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starbuckfrack wrote:

Thats not Treyarchs fault YOU reached in your wallet too soon.

Bingo. I knew as soon as the game was released that the BO 2 forums would be flooded with people complaining. And this was supposed to be "OMG It's made by Treyarch it is going to be the next game on the decade!!!"

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Lag is very annoying, MW3 in particular bugged the hell out of me for that but you should give it about a week for things to settle down. New releases this big tend to have a few issues like this until the dev can sort things out. The full release has quite a lot more users than the ones they'll have had for testing things like this on. The more users there are, the more likely problems are to show up that either weren't found or made little impact on things with a much smaller player base.

Halo 4 had this for a few days until things were sorted out and now it's just a case of bad hosts whenever that happens. For the most part, things are pretty damn smooth. These games are only just out as well, there might be some issues but try seeing past that and having fun. A bit difficult with lots of lag but get a few friends in there and it should be a little less frustrating.

Bit ridiculous there's banning for leaving games though, I'll give you that. Even Halo 4 got rid of that because of how ridiculous it is with the ability to join games in progress.

If you want to see networking for games done really badly, give Gotham City Impostors: Free to Play a go on PC and BO2s lag will seem amazing in comparison. GCI has a 100% chance to put people in very laggy games and the developer has refused to fix this issue since beta, an issue that's only become worse with the increased userbase.

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Re: Lag OVERcompensation strikes back.

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Good to know. I waited  to see what folks were saying online and it's what i expected. Lag, and excuses. I cannot beleive this attitude of some folks liike, oh its just release, it takes a while to fix things. I call B-S-. How many games/releases, of the same basic thing mind you, does it take to do something of reasonable quality. Did they learn anything from the last 3 failures? Aparently not. Such a shame. Guess im playing the waiting game til GTAV.

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