Lag Compensation? Maybe it's something else entirely. Read on.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Unless you got actual proof that those players were EXACTLY the same with EXACTLTY the same classes in all 3 games you got no proof, just assumptions.

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I am not entirely sure if this indeed lag comp or something like a handicap system. There are just too many areas that are being affected for it to just be lag comp. I honestly think it is a combination of lag comp and very poor/rushed programing. There are just too many inconsistencys with this game for it to be truly great. Some of these inconsistencys would be:

1. The killcam. Dont tell me the killcam is inaccurate. It is perfectly accurate a sense that it is the recording of exactly what your enemy saw when he killed you, frame for frame. This is documented and tested in a video on YT called "The killcam does not lie" However, what you saw and what your enemy saw is usually very different. This pretty much questions the whole nature of reality within the game you are playing. Simply put, what you are seeing on your screen is not what is actually happening to a degree.

2.The camera. The player camera and the player model are not in sync. The player model lags behind the player camera, as do the animations of the player model. Ever had a death where your enemy wasnt even looking at you on your screen, but in the killcam he was? this is a product of that. In effect the camera moves faster then the player model can keep up. Now, IF bullets are fired from the player camera and not the player model, that could be a big issue. What I'm saying is that if your bullets/hitmarks come from the camera (they prob do) and the player model animations lag behind the camera this would give the appearance of an insta killed. This problem also questions the whole nature of reality within the game. basically, what you see the player model do, is not what that player is actually doing at that point in time to a degree.

3.Aim assist and hit detection. Aim assist and hit detection are pretty much hit and miss ever game. sometimes they work for me, sometimes they don't. Other times I will be shooting an oblivous player and he will turn and kill me somehow. This rarely happens however. But when it does happen the killcam always shows the exact same thing. The gun my player is holding is acting very similair to a cars windshield washer blade. This only happens when I am ADSing. Like I said though, this usually quite rare. Aim assist is very weird in this game. If you come across 2 players side by side your aim assist will lock in between those players, which is pretty annoying as it leads to many deaths even if you have the jump on both players. One other thing that aim assist is buggy with is when you bump into an enemy player it automatically locks onto that players feet. Hit detection....Like I said its hit and miss in this game for me. Sometimes I don't get hit markers, sometimes I get 10 hitmarkers, but most of the time I still end up killing the enemy.

I dont think that Treyarch would implement a handicap system, but one never knows. We have know idea what kind of coding they are using in this game. I doubt we ever will since the devs seem pretty disconnected from their own community. sort of what happens to a big multinational corporation CEO, They become disconnected from their own humanity after a while. I dont know, and if their is a handicap system that was implemented in the last 3 games, the devs would be the last ones to tell us about it.

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You've raised very good points.  Thank you for covering the pieces I was missing.

It is just strange to me that with all of this nonsense going on within Black Ops 2 that they would have a qualifier for a million dollar tournament be held on the terribly coded servers, etc.  It just doesn't make sense.  There is so much proof on the internet, and yet Treyarch continues to blatantly lie to the community saying "It's on your end", when obviously it is not.  Having unfair qualifiers for a million dollars is pretty despicable, that is way too much money.  It's already a gamble, but it makes it a thousand times more of a gamble when it's not just skill taken into account, but who has the better connection.  This is why the top teams win every LAN event, but do horribly online.

I had high hopes for this game, competitive wise and public match wise.  Yes it's great, and League Play is amazing, but it really sucks when you literally cannot do anything against certain teams.  How can you have a level playing field when one team has their legs cut off before hand?  Whether it's solely Lag Compensation, or solely a Handicap System, or even a mixture of both, it has to be fixed.

Why did they change the Aim Assist from previous Call of Duty's anyway?  Seemed to work fine in the past; now it works half the time, and most of the time it does work, it's against you; super saiyan aim assist.  For example: When you know the enemy is using a slow sensitivity, you can see it in their gameplay in theater mode, but you flying drop shot them, and suddenly their Aim Assist speeds up their reticle, so it can FLY across the screen, locked on to you, even though you're moving faster than their ADS sensitivity can move, far faster. 

Or, when you run past the enemy, and they are on 3 sensitivity, you are on 8, and they can turn around faster than you, and kill you before you fully turn around, because aim assist spun them around.  I have noticed this all too often.  These are the times when I want to destroy everything in sight.  Please don't question me on the sensitivity part, when this happens I always send a polite message and ask what that particular person uses, it's always between 2-5, and 2-3 is damn slow.

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So Sniperfrog rears its ugly head again huh?!

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Glad you made this post. I was curious to what you meant so I looked it up as I have never heard the sniper frog myth. I Google'd it, and this topic goes back to MW2 where many people laugh at it as some joke that was made up, knid of like how people will laugh at UFO theories.

Anyways, BO2 is unlike any COD I've played in the past. The extreme momentum is not just player specific anymore, it seems like it has grown to being in favor of a whole team. One team owns one game, and then the exact opposite the next.

Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but people who laugh at it really shouldn't be so close minded. The AI is already there and wouldn't be hard to manipulate to however they wish.

The myth lives on.

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Never heard of sniper frog, I'll look into it.

I do agree, there are just some games that you literally cannot win a gunfight, no matter how much of a drop you get on the opposing player.  Just last night, I had a game on Drone, Domination.  A guy came running through one of those automatic doors on C-Dom side, ran right past me, didn't even see me, but somehow managed to 'shoot me', but still kept running.  I started shooting him in the back and before he even turned around I was dead. 

I have noticed a lot of 'weird' things that don't even apply to a Handicap or Lag Compensation, such as:  Someone is running through a doorway that you are pre-aiming, and you immediately take damage, even though they are sprinting.  It really seems like damage is inflicted based on reaction time.

Let me try to explain this thoroughly:

Lets say my 'Average' reaction time is ~150ms, and the player running through the door way's 'Average' reaction time is ~300ms.  The game can calculate how long it takes me from the sight of an opposing player, to when I start shooting.  If I happen to not have the ~150ms reaction time in that particular case, it will damage me, becuase I 'could' have reacted faster, to help 'compensate' for the other player's slower reaction time.  Keep in mind this player is in full sprint and does NOT know I am there, until I start shooting at him, but since I was already damaged before he knew, he gets an easy twitch hip fire 1 bullet kill.

Thinking about it, if that is really the system in place, it is Lag Compensation, not a handicap, even though it does in fact handicap.  Simply because it 'compensates' the less skilled player.  Though it can be taken either way.  I don't know, just my two cents I guess.  Maybe I'm just a tinfoil helmet wearing dude.  Maybe my 10 years of FPS experience doesn't matter, but damn, I know something is going on that is not normal, none of this ever happened to me in BO1 or MW3.  And if it DID happen in either of those two games, I had a two bar connection.  In this game I always have 4.

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So this game is perfect online and everyone is 4 barring and lag has never existed huh?

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If there's a handicap, we'd know. Code to impede certain players and not others, would be difficult to implement and maintain, and even harder to keep secret. Considering how inconsistent this game is already, I don't think it's witihin TA's scope for games. One thing is for sure, that I know first hand from software development. When you are constantly adding more code on top of old code to release a new product, which I am sure they are doing, you are not going to maintain stability or deliver the best functionality. It's like you want a new car every year for Christmas, but a new one built from the ground up is too expensive, and won't be ready in time. So you end up with last years model with some new parts on it, that may or may not be compatible, but you won't know until you drive it for awhile.

What I really hope is that the next COD game is built from the ground-up, takes advantage of modern internet connections, and maxiamizes the new console.

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The funny thing about your theory is Treyarch denies Lag Compensation even existing, though we all know it does, because every other FPS developer in history has stated it's in all games.  They don't need to keep secrets, all they need to do is blame these 'problems' on the players.

Straight from Vonderhaar's mouth:  I don't experience any of this lag compensation. I dont know why everyone is complaining about it.  He's also told people to tweet him videos providing proof of it, which he received thousands of, and still denies it.  His words are not exact, but he's tweeted it several times.

Maybe if he didn't live within walking distance to the servers, he would experience the inconsistencies, but if we all lived right next to Treyarch Studios, there would be no lag.

He's also got a reputation for not liking 'good' players, which you can blatantly tell from some of the things in the game such as the Target Finder(This attachment literally curves bullets, go watch videos), select fire(Fal, SMR), Hunter Killer(All you do is throw it, and it eventually ruins someone's day), AND everything we all complain about, if the reason for it is what I think it is.

It doesn't make sense to release a game that is only fit for beta stages, and have a million dollar tournament involved before the issues are sorted out.  But wait, there are no issues, they've laughed at the community for months now saying we are 'making it up'.

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I just walked around my neighborhood and I didn't see Treyarch Studios anywhere but I did see a frog who looked at me funny and I swear he said he had my back. Wierd. I have noticed that when the moon is full and I don't wear socks that my room gets magically cleaned and there is a note covered in sparkles that reads "Love L.F.". Could it be the lag fairy? I did find $5 on the sidewalk when I was a kid and gave it to my school bus driver so she could play the Thriller album every morning and I boughta Cinderella tape from the ice cream man back in 87. Yes, it all makes sense now....

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