Lag Compensation? Maybe it's something else entirely. Read on.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Here's a thread I made last month on the same subject:

Does the game handicap players? Sometimes it feels like it. Recently, I started playing Gungame more. For some reason, playing Gungame will always give me good momentum before going into FFA or Kill Confirmed. I look at it as a warm up.

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the game has played the same for me since day 1. I don't feel handicapped. when I am having a bad game I take a quick look at how I'm playing vs how the other team is playing. Almost always I turn it around.

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Handicap idea is kinda ridiculous.

Not saying Activision / Treyarch are not stupid enough to implement it. But I think it is far better explained by poor connectivity and skill based matchmaking.

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I agree. I don't think they built logic into the game code to level things. Just too much tinfoil involved in that theory.

What I do think is that the latency to host changes periodically/frequently in-match. Particularly if the host really has no business being the host in the first place.

This game is far more volatile in this regard based on my experience and although it is not as visually apparent at all times with frame stutter etc. it definitely varies in-lobby and results in terrible hit detection.

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I think you hit the nail on the head.

VOLATILE pretty much sums up this games online multiplayer experience.

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Did you read my post, Arti4?

Poor connectivity?  Same lobby, I was host for 3 games.  Not one single person in the lobby left, or joined.  Two games I destroy, third game I get insta-killed across the map by silenced SMG's, while I'm head glitching behind something with an M8a1, or pre-aiming a corner with a Skorpion, because it was the only gun that didn't take 10 minutes to kill with.  What's worse, is the people insta-killing me are BAD, and I can tell they are bad by the killcam showing them spray at me for 10 seconds.  But I only saw them for .25 seconds before I was dead.

Skill based matchmaking and connection had nothing to do with it, the entire lobby had 4 bars, and it was a bunch of low SPM, low KD players on the opposing team, but they miraculously gained superpowers during the third game.

Nothing changed throughout the duration of the three games, other than the other team becoming unkillable.  I watched a video about how the 'Killcam NEVER lies', it's true.  But, when there's a handicap, what happens on your screen is completely different than the killcam.  Such as: Pre-aiming a corner, guy comes around sprinting I shoot him first, before he even stops sprinting, drop instantly, while he's still sprinting.  Killcam shows him stopping his sprint before he gets around the corner, sights up, shooting me before I get one bullet out of my gun, when on my screen he ate 10 bullets. 

I'm not a noob.  I've been playing competitively since MW2 came out.  I have won SnD tournaments, 2v2 and 3v3 in all COD titles before this one.  Again, I'm not a noob.  I know when something changes within a First Person Shooter, and this game has something I've never experienced in the past.  I know it's not Lag Compensation.  MW3 had lag compensation, but this is 100% not that.  OR, it's both Lag Compensation and a handicap system.

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I don't know if it is true (only devs could know), but i know that mw3 and bo2 have some issues.

I don't know if it is only bad lag comp, or other connection problems, or bad coding, or other things,etc.. but i certainly experienced that sometimes the game plays against me.

For example yesterday night i have done one match that i finished 25-1. After that during all the night it was almost impossible to finish a match with a positive kd. I have changed classes, game style, etc.. but nothing to do.

I don't know what happens with mw3 and bo2, but i know that there are some problems, for sure with connections, lag comp and matchmaking.It is strange that most of the times the MVP is a player with 2 yellow bars that is unbeatable.

I play with videogames from early 80's, and only in the last cods there are this kind of problems.

For me they have to:

- eliminate splitscreeners

- don't give advantage to who have bad connections and who throttle their connections

- don't give disavantage to host

- make matchmaking based only or preferably on local search

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I've had more weird laggy things happen in this game than any other cod.


- Shoot someone in the chest with a KSG, nothing happens, reload, turn, ads and now he dies.

- Shoot down a UAV, nothing happens and 15 seconds later get points for shooting down a UAV.

- gotta love the Hellstorms and Lightning Strikes where you find out you got kills after you are well on your way to where they were.

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I do believe there's an equalizer in this game. Too many coincidences to pass them all of as lag

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Actually, what seems like momentum is actually just the aim assist chosing when to work. All these BS shifts don't happen on PC. I realized this several times already.


I was on the Balistic knife in Gungame... I swear I fired over 10 right on target. One was right in a guys face while he attempted to knife me. He ended up knifing me eventually, which made me lose the game.

That kind of shit just doesn't happen on PC.

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