Lag Compensation? Maybe it's something else entirely. Read on.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I actually have a couple posts about this.

Im always yelling that there is no way that this "lag" is due to lag comp. its gotten too predictable.

I say there has to be a handicap system. ive done alot or research on lag comp. and it just doesnt add up.

If you notice another thing. If you come across someone that has a 7.xx kd or 5.xx etc. you can pretty much count on them having a youtube account. And if you watch their videos, they arent that good. they can just take 10 shots before they die. while their silenced mp7 get 3-4 shot kills every time.

One of my theories is they give those certain players the advantage because it great free advertising for the game. hell one of those youtubers has more subscribers than usher. and 100's of millions of views in total. Him alone does more for this game than their own commercials.

It wouldnt be good to have them loose.

Its so predictable. if your 1 away from dogs or swarm, it takes twice as many shots to kill someone everytime.

The lag comp does play a role in the amount of bullets that actually register. (i know, ive altered my connection to ad latency with positive results). but when the same gun takes twice as many HITMARKERS to kill someone as it did the game before. you gotta think somethings up.

Oh and shotguns. tell me there not a delay on the people running shotguns. i feel it, you feel it, its there. maybe less added ping to their lag comp, but its there. its not the connection, its the gun.

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playerone2 wrote:

One of my theories is they give those certain players the advantage because it great free advertising for the game. hell one of those youtubers has more subscribers than usher. and 100's of millions of views in total. Him alone does more for this game than their own commercials.

It wouldnt be good to have them loose.

So how does the game know your Gamertag has a youtube account ?

Get the tinfoil hats out.

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I agree with OP. If it's not the lag, it's the game putting a team automically 1 second behind. I've noticed some of my worst games have been on full bar while the other team is on 3 bar. The game is rigged!

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I have seen similar results. Mine have been in two round games like domination and so on. In the mornings, until the latest fix, I would be at a slight advantage in many fights. So first round I would be somewhere at a 3.0 kd in the match, and the point score high enough to almost consider it a shutout. Then round two. I recall one game I was 25 and 2 only to go to 28 and 35 by the end. The other team just "pulled off" one of the greatest comebacks of all time. I went back and checked. No lag switching, despite that feeling oflocking up as soon as an engagement begins. They were using the same play style as before. I could not find a logical reason for the change. IE some teams will take the first round slow, conserve, and bring hell with aqcuired killstreaks the second round. Good strategy. This was an example of something else. No one left nor did the host change, it was something very similar to what you described. When I noticed this, I started paying more attention to it in other games. Yes I know If you look for a problem you will eventually find one, but then again I have experienced the other side of this as well. Horrible first round, to come back and run through my kill streaks twice in the second. I can really see them doing this to cut down on dashboarders and rage quiters. No proof other than my observation.

  PS as I said before, mornings, EVERY morning until around 11 was my optimal time to play. Beyond 4pm was a waste. Since Tuesday, morning until 5 pm has been terrible and evenings have been a lot better as far as connectivity, game play, and consistency. No change on my end, so I will just watch to see how long it lasts.

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Yep, I've started thinking the same thing. I noted that in my BO2 review, read it here. Warning, it's very long.

It's just so bad people can feel like they're good.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing it.  It's true, if you do well, you are bound to get the shit kicked out of you by the same "noobs" you just destroyed.  It literally gives them an advantage.

Thinking back, my BEST games have been on 3 bars when my worst games have been either 4 bars throughout the lobby, or my team with 4 and the enemy team with 3.  It doesn't make sense.

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I certainly think there could be something to your theory. The way you can destroy teams for a couple of games and then it suddenly nigh on impossible to kill anyone is definitely something I have experienced many times.

I've also noticed it's often much more difficult to take people down in the second half of games if you are winning easily in the first - it doesn't happen every time though??

I've run up behind two people taking a flag before in a game my team has all three flags and litterally pumped 20+ bullets into them and they've only died immediately after they successfully took the flag - bullets before that point just disappeared!

Having said all this there is also definitely a connection issue too. If I join a game in progress and my team isn't getting smashed up too badly, then it's like lag comp ignores me and it's easier to kill. If I sit in a lobby and wait for a game then anything can happen. If I get host then it's almost certainly a pointless excercise...

I think it's all basically down to the same thing - they want people with poor skills and bad connections to have some better games than they would have done in say MW2, so they enjoy it a bit more and buy the next game!

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All of this can be explained by the same thing that happens to everyone.   The flux in matches.

When you reset your stats you'll play with noobs for like 2 days, then you'll slowly move up "brackets".

Heck, I just reset and played with noobs up to lvl 40 (K/D was 1.67, now after the weekend it's 1.49) - now all of a sudden this weekend I couldn't buy a 2.0 k/d in games.  I chalk it up to 2xp and clan ops as it always goes to hell durring those.

Your delayed movements could easily be a result of the plit screen.  I've only heard of this 3 times and every account was durring split screen play

While I'd love to say while it definately does feel like there IS a handicap after doing so well, I'd say it's just the asme luck that made you beast in the previous games.

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It is an in game handicap, that is why none of Call of Duty games are allowed in Pro Gaming tournaments. This is basic public knowledge. It seems like their sales team would grow a brain and remove it now that sales have dropped by some 90% from what they were for this one reason alone. If you want to trick it fresh start your account then die as much as possible, get it down to like 0.01kd, then you can beast all the noobs a few games until they slap you with the handicap again.

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It does seem like the game will nerf you if you start kicking ass, but that seems like conspiracy theory so I stay away from it.

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