Lag Comp Threads!

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Lag Comp Threads!


How many lag compensation threads did anyone participate in before Black ops?

I ask this because in my experience the cod games before Blops 1 were really smooth for me. How is that?

Also if anyone says that the cod games were different before then how were they?

I rarely play this game now and that saddens me because of all the great times I had on Cod4/5 and even Mw2!

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Lag Comp Threads!

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I actually only found this forum by googling something like "missing bullets" (forget exactly what it was now) on blops 1

before that I rarely had connection/sync issues not sure if its theatre, facebook, lag comp, host selection, someone from the original iw leaving but something happened with blops1 for me that made the game too inconsistent to enjoy regularly,it got worse in mw3 and is still there with blops2,either they cant fix it or wont fix it, a lot of people on my f/l dont play anymore as its frustrating if you get a run of bs games

I still put mw2 in now and again and its so much smoother everything seems "equal" with a playerbase of hundreds instead of hundreds of thousands

I think this could be a great cod game but the sync issues ruin it for me

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Re: Lag Comp Threads!

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I'm just burnt out on the whole lag discussion. I suffer from it badly and I also have my thoughts what causes it, but it won't be fixed and I doubt it will "mysteriously fix itself". Reminds me of the NHL 09 days where everyone suffered from horrible lag and EA denied it until the bitter end, then mysteriously NHL 10 there was no more lag issues, I guess the same day as release all the isp's upgraded for every player....

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