LMG ft. target finder!?! COME ON SON!

Black Ops II Xbox 360


At long range any class with cold blooded works fine.

At closer ranges the effectiveness of it starts to dissapear.

Basically, just stick cold blooded on. If you don't use cold blooded, then there you have no right to complain.

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I'm finally working the target finder challenge (in my tenth prestige) and I agree with you.  Since the game came out I thought the TF was cheap and since I was getting killed a lot by people using the LMG/TF combo, I started running cold blooded on nearly every class to counter it.  I still do.

But man, using TF on my LMGs feels like cheating.  You can just hang back and rack them up.  After using this for a while I became concered with losing my skills at spotting enemies without the TF. 

After I finish the TF challenge, I will probably keep one class for LMG/TF as a go to when I run up against enemies using the TF -- take it out for an occaisional spin.  It actually does feel good to dish out some TF/LMG love after being killed so much by this combo.  It's still cheap and will not be my main battle class.  Too easy.

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The target finder is not marksman. Marksman only would show a person's name, this game already does that for you and assassin (MW3's ghost) would disable that perk and keep you hidden from uav. Now the difference is that the target finder puts a big red box on your opponent, zooms in enough to be comparable with an Acog sight, and isn't countered with ghost. On top of that it also reduces recoil and that's a fact so it's useless to challange that point. Even if you run cold-blooded (which not many people do) the person with the target finder still has the advantage with less recoil. Some will say "well you don't have peripherals when you zoom in," but how many times with no sight do you aim with the left trigger and don't have your eye right down the sights? Also 9/10 times the person with the target finder whatever gun it may be on, is camping behind a headglitch or in a building window scoped in waiting for people.

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shock charges/target finders are just two peices off equipment to better camping -_- and then lms are fucking OP as hell although I like the Hamr w/ iron sights and quick draw / stock . mk48 users #kill yourself

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all in all i absolutely hate target finders XD on any gun it just annoys the hell out of me the sight seems useless to me. people bitch over it alot but i see the camper so i can duck for cover but on using it *groans* not even in zombies will i use it im more of a acog or zoom kinda guy maby iron sight depending on the gun. foregrip + acog/zoom + quickdraw = my op combo

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