LMG ft. target finder!?! COME ON SON!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Good grief.  An LMG that has a lot of ammo so it can be used for suppressive fire and taking out multiplie enemies very quickly?  Who would have thought it?

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What an original topic.

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It is an attachment that can be easily countered by just using a perk. So nope not a problem at all in the game. Sounds like you just do not want to use the perk meant to counter it.

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You're missing the point, I don't have anything against it.. I just "found out" about it using it myself!

If I end up going 30+ kills and only 2 or 3 deaths each game I think it's worth a topic to say what I want to say about it!

Not to sound cocky but I consider myself a SKILLED player, so I know what's up!

THIS RIGHT HERE is NOT what's up! Yeah I could do it all day long but it takes away the fun, you're getting lazy and it takes no skill!

It's like a MP40 with rounddrum (for those who still remember) but this time you can spot enemies like snipers do AND they have a marker around them!

I'm not getting killed too many times by them they be upset about it, I'm just saying this because I find it sooo cheap!

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TF is considerd cheap by those who whine about it, but it is an attachment, so not any more cheaper than those that toss c4 and detonate while still in the air for an easy kill. Or those that QS with a sniper. Or those that drop shot right behind a person.

There is nothing really cheap in this game, just annoying to the one that dies to it.

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If people could use it every match and have a 10-15 K/D ratio every time, I figure something would have been done about it already.  Data must show otherwise. ???

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It all depends on the skill of the player. Give a noob an LMG with TF and he will still play like a noob. It's not going to instantly transform a noob into a beast.

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Well, it is quite the gun combo!Haha but in the end you paid for the game . . .

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It's not cheating in the true sense of the word, but it is "cheating."

You just move your gun around, and human reaction time is lessened when that diamond pops up and you don't have to take even the tiniest of moments to process information about the enemy. It's, see diamond... Fire!!

It's kind of nice if you're zoned out and not seeing straight. Let the attachment do the work. Kinda lazy, kinda nooby, but since it's easy to counter, I don't b!tch about it too much.

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One thing I learnt from playing COD is that if you find yourself against players who're using those setups that you hate, just use it yourself. The devs aren't going to remove it from the game.

I don't like the TF myself but I just counter it with Cold Blooded, spam EMP's or use a class similar to them and take them on.

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