LMG ft. target finder!?! COME ON SON!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This is some n00b piece of work, and I have no shame in telling you that I just used it and probably will using it for a lil bit longer!

I mean I'm tired of rushing and running around, I can just sit back and scope in a lil bit and just let them things go off!

This is cheating if you ask me! And I've been playing this game for 2 weeks and I actually just found out it really works!

What is your opinion about this combo!? LMG ft target finder.

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Depends how many people are running Cold Blooded because the scope gives you 40 degrees Field of View.  In MW3 Marksman with a suppressed ACR was ridiculous according to a lot of people.  Barely touched the ACR myself as I loved the M4 a lot so I never had experience of this.  The MP7 was decent with Marksman though.

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Marksman was possiby the most powerful perk in that game, excluding Assassin. It was useful on everything, including my Model 1887 class. (It helped me locate where people were. Vital for a shotgun)

Anyway OP, I use LMG's with Dual band scope, sometimes with Variable Zoom on top. It has slightly more recoil (Noticable at longer ranges), looks stupid and gets little to no hate. Perfect for me.

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ACR/Attachments/Suppressor/Hybrid with Blind Eye/Assassin/Marksman Pro was friggin ridiculous. I would go like 25-2 on Mission with that setup. It's how I finally got The Mastodon calling card.

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It's never the gun or attachment, it's the user hands down.

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ikr, i use the lsat iron sights and people still talk all kinds of trash.That ****** with the lmg

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I like to use the HAMR with iron sight FMJ and quickdraw. I move around a lot but I like the firepower and still having a chance in close quarters and long range. can't stand sitting still aiming at one place I'd  feel like a huge piggy if I Did.

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TF + LMG is very strong.  Smoke grenades + Dual band is even stronger on smaller maps, in objective game types. 

If you've played Studio in Ground War lately, then you've no doubt seen a lot of smoke + dual band being used.  It can be quite frustrating if you don't have a class setup to see through smoke.

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I've been running no attachements on my LSW, trying to get it gold and scary enough I get hit markers! I use the Hamr with TF and its liek 2 shot drops!? That makes no sense lol

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Just like the shotgun, I loved it for like one weekend. Then i got bored and moved on to another gun. It's not that much fun when you're using OP stuff. I'd rather be popping out of cover with a Skorpion and hosing somebody, or flushing the sniper out of a window on Standoff with an M8A1 or a SCAR.

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