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hi guys my K/D is 0.75 but is that forever or can it change if I get better? PLEASE HELP

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It can go up and down based of you kills and deaths.

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It will change over time depending on how well or how bad you play. If you consistently get 1 KD or above game after game then it will go higher a lot faster.

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Well, you're doing better than me. I had my highest k/d of 1.40 the other day. Avg is a sad sad 0.36.

I mostly play domination, and get a good amount of flag captures, but not great k/d's.

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I wish I could trade my 1.05 K/D for yours. I hate K/D it's the stupidest thing to ever be put into gaming, because all anyone cares about is that stupid digital number. When those numbers didn't exist the games were fun, no one was like. "I have a better fake number than you, therefore I'm better." Um, no, your not. Just because you have a good K/D it doesn't mean shit, when you have a bad K/D it shows you can care less about the game, you know how to have fun without being a total try hard about it.

Point being, competive gaming ruined games. From Halo to Call of Duty.

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OP: Try some new gun setups and change your play style. Take your time and you'll inmprove.

Shadow, IMO K/D is the best gauge of your skills. It's not a "fake" number it's math.

having said that, if you truly don't care about K/D and have a great time playing, no matter how poor you do, then that's the most important thing.

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The reason a lot of people say that K/D is fake number is from the sheer amount of dashboarders that do it to protect their K/D.

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Your K/D can always improve, just depends on how bad you want it. Slow your game down, work the edges of the maps, and take advantage of those aggressive rushers.

Personally, I would recommend just enjoying the game and not stressing over stats. Trust me, this game is A LOT more fun when you're not being so K/D conscious.

Up until last week my K/D was hovering around 2.50, and although it was nice to have, maintaining it was killing the fun factor of the game for me. After reading a few threads on this forum about K/D and how most of the more experienced players feel about stats, I decided to start playing for fun and just enjoy the game.

Now my K/D is around 1.80 and I'm loving this game again. Getting camos, completing challenges, experimenting with different weapons, I'm having fun. I'll still occasionally drop a lodestar or 2, just to silence the trash talkers, but my main focus is on having fun.

But I digress. You're K/D can easily go up, but it can just as easily go down. Just remember, at the end of the day this is just a game. It's meant to entertain us and help relieve stress, so enjoy the game and have fun.

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