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Black Ops II Xbox 360

So i've been playing alot of blackops and world at war and ive noticed a HUGE increase of hackers. World at war i just rebought off the dashboard last night and figured it was a great game i may aswell play some before blops 2 is out. [Removed by moderator]

[Removed by Moderator]

Looking for real answers here as to who do i speak to about getting something done about this (treyarch / mircosoft). Not looking for troll answers like "oh maybe ur bad lolz"

If at all possible I CLEARLY want a refund of my MSRP because this game is completely unplayable in this state and there was no indication that this game was left for dead.

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One thing- You can not name and shame here.

Two- the language isn't necessary and is against the CoC.

You can report hackers via Twitter to @ATVIAssist or @Treyarch who can direct you with where to send the information. I am not sure where else those reports would go.

Lastly, you will not get a refund. All purchases are buyer beware. I agree its a shame what those classic games have become, but blame the hackers, not the devs. The newer games have built in protection against such things, plus the older games aren't monitored as closely anymore.

I personally never encountered a hacker on Black Ops... and if I did I would have reported them in-game.

Also, this is the BOII forum, so you aren't in the right place.

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it is every bit as much the devs fault as it is the hackers themselves. If they sell the game knowing full well what it has become, with no warning to the buyer, it is flat out immoral. If Treyarch still allows W@W to be played online, then they still have the responsibility to maintain the game that they still make money from.

Anyone who thinks Treyarch shouldn't be to blame for selling an inferior product under false pretenses probably works for Treyarch.

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First off it's also the consumers fault for buying a hella old game for one, secondly would you rather Treyarch dedicate their manpower in protecting old titles or putting more effort into a NEW one, lastly regardless of what the devs could do if a hacker works hard enough they can hack it...there's very few things in technology that is fool proof in this day and age. All they can do is delay the ease hackers can hack until they have to up the ante which is pointless because it's not stopping hacking. Just like underage drinking....terrible thing and laws are in place to forbid that but yet kids still getting hammered soooooo yup.

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Drew already summed up the answers for you, sorry that they have ruined your fun.

Also I don't think Treyarch will do anything to W@W hackers as it's an old game, same for Cod4 and MW2.

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yeah i know . i didnt expect anything to happen but it just doesnt make sense how someone would even want to hack. just venting more than anything but come on really. hacking in a 10 year old game.

Name n shame . i know it shouldnt be done on specific forums but when a guys name is flashing different colors with god mode its just gotta be done.

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I have to agree pretty much with what everybody has said. I love WaW and it is horrible that the hackers have taken it over. I find it sad that they don't keep up the game, but like thGimore said they cant spare too much manpower when they are making a new game.

I do have a question. Can anybody tell me how hacking is gun? I mean how is it exciting for someone to go around killing people if they know they cant die? It just baffles me.

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At the top of this page on the left side (header bar) is a SUPPORT button. That is the best place to post your concerns.

Also, when posting here (and relating your concerns to support) do not use foul and abusive language. I removed it from your post. It is against the Code of Conduct, and isn't the best way to ask for help.


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