Its here!! My Black Ops2 free for all review...

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Firstly, hats off to treyarch for giving us some of the best maps in cod history. Yemen is a work of classic call of duty art with its lush setting and super clear sightlines from high scaffolding and snipery buildings. But i will cut straight to my first negative...Why oh why do the top three players get awarded victory??? You have to analyse the scoreboard to see WHO ACTUALLY WON??? Even if you let it go in big lobbies and thought ok it is a sort of victory in amongst 18 players, its just plain daft when theres only three of you playing because it awards everyone victory?? Now above and beyond that niggle i love the multiplayer graphics which are stunning and the smaller map design which is more flowing and fun. The multiplayer graphics do seem stronger than sp mission to me strangely. One final slight dissapointment is the apparent lack of customisation in the private sector. Ie in black ops 1 you could customise the killstreaks to get dogs at three kills ect for a mad game mode, and with the high score required to reach some of the rewards is it possible that most of us will never see the likes of swarm? Well thats it for now but please let me know your thoughts on my comments and PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you can change the victory list or if you can customise killstreaks in private so you can rearange their order. Thanks guys...

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