It's that time again...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It's that time again...

For a few hours, I could actually play. Then about 11pm or So, everything went down hill again.

I play this game because, I enjoyed it. Now it's making me just rage completely.

Being a 2.5+ KD player from MW3 w/ Specialist, and going into an FFA and going 2/11.  Getting people stuck in my shock charges and pumping bullets out just to see them not die and kill me.

It's been 3 days, and Treyarch thinks they had a Great Launch Week via their "Double XP" Message.

I want to think this game will at some point will change, but I I doubt that time is anywhere in the near future.

Giving this a few more days, if it stays I'm going to be one person to actually return this.

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Re: It's that time again...

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We are the online beta-testers though... Without you, they'll never figure out how to get the game to play after 11pm Pacific Standard Time.

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