Is today "Pick a Terrible Host" Day?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i dont understand how host gets picked in BO2....i have NEVER had this big of a problem in MW3 as i have in BO2, seems like at least half my games half or more of the players have a 3 bar or worse connection ALL GAME. even a bunch of games one guy will be 4 barring while the rest of the entire lobby has 2 or less and skips every where and NEVER migrates hosts, sometimes i think its a lag switch, then look at the host and he is like 9-15 more times than not, so obviously a terribad player wouldnt invest in a lag switch.

i think 4arc just randomly gives people host without determining who the best fit is, wheneve i notice im host the entire lobby is 4 bars, but i get it maybe once a night

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Who knows?  This communist match making system is something consoles brought about and apparently it's the norm.

This is sort of harsh, but fuck people with shitty connections.

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BO2 seems to pick terrible hosts.

I'm a decent host without experiencing lag spikes and a majority of players 4 bar on my connection however the hosts chosen in this game either give everyone else a one bar connection or there are consistant lag spikes.

The host selection really needs some working on. Can't tell if host is chosen by "best connection" anymore.

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however it works in BO2, it doesnt really "work".

tons of lag. tons of lag comp issues.  I have a pretty legit connection and experience lag comp issues a lot. And i get in games and the game is laggin like crazy everyone has a 2 or 1 bar, and then a few host migrations per single match to break up the action. Wow! what a mess/

plus the maps kinda suck and tons of guys leave once it starts or right before it starts due to this.

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